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Overview of our Regulatory Proposal

We have been listening to our customers and refreshing our 2015-20 service commitments and future investment plans for regional Queensland.

Of course, it costs money to deliver on these future investment plans and we collect this by charging for the use of our electricity network.

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has now set the amount of money we are allowed to charge customers for the use of our electricity network from 2015 to 2020. The AER's role is to ensure we manage the network carefully and efficiently, and ultimately to determine our revenue allowance.

Our aim is to give our customers 'peace of mind' by providing a safe, dependable electricity service and greater customer choice and control, for the best possible price. The way customers use the network is changing and we are responding to that in our refreshed service commitments.

We're already engaging with our customers on our 2020-25 service commitments. Join the conversation on our Talking Energy website.

Read more about our service commitments to customers

    Peace of mind
  1. Our goal is for our safety performance to stand with the best in our industry…to be Always Safe.
  2. We'll maintain recent overall improvements in power supply reliability… and continue to improve the experience of customers who are suffering outages well outside our standards.
  3. We'll be there after the storm, prepared and with the resources to respond to whatever Mother Nature delivers.
  4. We'll meet our guaranteed services commitments. If we don't, we'll pay you.

    Choice and control 
  5. We're looking to the future – and evolving the network to best support customer choice in economic electricity supply solutions.
  6. We'll make it easier for you to contact us, whether by phone, Facebook, or Twitter, and provide you with the information you need, when and how you need it.
  7. We'll play our part in powering the economy by making it easier to connect to the network.

    For the best possible price
  8. After reducing charges for the use of our network in 2015-16, we're targeting to keep charges overall at 2014-15 levels for the remaining four years to 2020.

Learn more about our plans

Our Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR) explains how we are planning the electricity network of the future.

See our document library for the Regulatory Proposal we made to assist the AER in its decisions.

Visit our Talking Energy website for our 2020-25 plans.

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