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Environment & Cultural Heritage

Our Environment and Cultural Heritage Policy pledges our commitment to minimising our impact on the environment and maintaining cultural heritage values. This means our people will:

  • Meet legal requirements and progress beyond compliance to innovation and excellence and drive continual improvement in management of health, safety, environment and cultural heritage.
  • Protect the environment by preventing pollution and preserving biodiversity.
  • Build a sustainable future through safe, efficient and sustainable energy solutions and natural resource management.
  • Respect and protect all forms of indigenous and non-indigenous heritage.
  • Understand and manage health, safety, environmental and cultural heritage risks during all phases of their work.
  • Take action if they see any act or situation that may result in harm to people, the community, the environment or cultural heritage.
  • Engage collaboratively to effectively communicate and improve our health, safety, environment and cultural heritage performance.

Read our Health, Safety, Environment and Cultural Heritage Policy (PDF 364.5 kb).

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