Working with customers

We’re working with our customers and partners, to enable greater choice for emerging technologies, and greater control in how and when they use energy.

We cover a range of topics that look at a variety of customer interests including:

  • Solar PV – information on solar PV systems, including the basics of connection and selection of a PV system
  • Batteries – what to consider when purchasing a battery system, safety tips, and what they can and cannot do for customers
  • Electric vehicles (EVs) – the benefits of EVs, tips for choosing the right EV and how to minimise the costs of charging your car
  • Rewards Program – available incentives for participating in demand side solutions, from offers for peak smart air conditioning to connecting appliances to control load tariffs
  • Home tips – tips for saving energy and reducing costs around the home
  • Business tips – information for businesses to help make informed energy choices, including case studies demonstrating how our customers have saved on their energy costs
  • Agriculture – tips for our agriculture customers to help save on their energy costs, as well as information on drought relief and topics specific to the agriculture sector.