Townsville commercial demand management pilot

In partnership with the Queensland Government’s Department of Energy and Water Supply, Ergon Energy's Commercial Network Demand Management Pilot Project has initiated a number of individual commercial projects around Townsville that have successfully reduced demand on the network while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Ergon Energy is contributing around $9.7 million to the project which could result in savings on network costs for transmission, distribution and generation.

Some of Ergon Energy's large commercial customers are already seeing the benefit with reduced electricity consumption leading to a reduction in future electricity bills. It is also expected that the reduction in carbon emissions from the contracted projects could be around 25,000 tonnes1 annually, which is the equivalent of taking more than 5800 cars2 off the road each year.

James Cook University was the first commercial partner to sign an agreement as part of the pilot project and has since been joined by The Good Shepherd Home, Jupiters Townsville, Townsville Airport, the Taxation Building in Stanley Street, Townsville Health Service District's North Ward and Kirwan Health campuses and Bohle Distribution Centre, St Anthony’s Catholic College, Kith and Kin disability support centre, Royal Flying Doctor Service Townsville base, Exchange Hotel and Willows Shopping Centre.

James Cook University's project involves the replacement of chiller plant and cooling units in all major campus buildings with an underground pipeline supplying chilled water from a new energy efficient central chiller plant. The chiller plant includes a new 12 million litre thermal storage tank enabling the chiller units to run overnight and be switched off during the day while the campus runs on the stored chiller water.

Townsville City Council is also participating in the project and is committed to developments at both its CBD and Thuringowa offices as well as the water treatment plant on Magnetic Island.

The Network Demand Management initiative has been expanded to take in potential projects at communities across the State including Bohle (Townsville), Cairns, Charleville, Edmonton, Gordonvale, Hervey Bay, Ingham, Mitchell, Moranbah, Mount Isa, St George and Surat. 

If you should have any queries regarding these initiatives please contact us via email.

1 Calculations are based on the estimated reduction in energy consumption by participants in the Network Demand Management Pilot program. The calculations also use the November 2008 Commonwealth Department of Climate Change published figures for emissions produced as a result of the amount of electricity supplied in Queensland.

2 Calculations based on information from the "Transport Sector Greenhouse Gas Emissions Projections 2007" report (figures 3.1 and 3.2) on the Federal Department of Climate Change's website.

Case study reports

Documents Published
Case Study - James Cook University (PDF File, 572.5 KB) 8 Feb 2012
Case Study - Good Shepherd Home (PDF File, 603.0 KB) 13 Mar 2012
Case Study - 235 Stanley Place (PDF File, 665.7 KB) 9 Feb 2012
Case Study - Townsville Airport (PDF File, 272.9 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - North Ward Health Campus (PDF File, 317.2 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - Kirwan Community Health Centre (PDF File, 312.4 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - QHealth Bohle Distribution Centre (PDF File, 567.1 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - St Anthony's Catholic College (PDF File, 655.5 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - Kith and Kin (PDF File, 622.6 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - Royal Flying Doctor Service (PDF File, 554.9 KB) 18 Jan 2012
Case Study - Exchange Hotel (PDF File, 561.6 KB) 9 Feb 2012
Case Study - Willows Shopping Centre (PDF File, 524.3 KB) 9 Feb 2012
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