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Townsville network demand management pilot

Our Townsville Network Demand Management (NDM) pilot was one of the first large-scale projects completed.  In partnership with the Queensland Government, the pilot's goal was to work with commercial and industrial customers to reduce network demand in Townsville by 20 MVA. 

The NDM pilot exceeded targets. This shaped the model for engaging with businesses, encouraging them to reduce their costs and improve performance by changing their approach to energy use.  

Demand management programs were implemented at 46 customer sites across the Townsville region. They were a wide mix of commercial, retail, industrial, and government facilities. 

The key results are:

  • demand reduction of 22.225 MVA against a target of 20 MVA
  • energy savings of 44,270 MWh
  • carbon emission savings of 42,942 (tonnes CO2).

The most frequently adopted demand management solutions were:

  • air-conditioning and chiller upgrades (28 sites)
  • lighting (20 sites)
  • power factor correction (10 sites)
  • solar (4 sites).

The pilot proves the viability of various energy management solutions. It provides the basis for demand savings in other areas of regional Queensland, subject to climate. It also provides experience in the technical, commercial and funding aspects of network demand management.  

These lessons will enable us and the Queensland Government to run similar projects as electricity network demand continues to be a key priority.