Network challenges

Your electricity needs are changing due to the range of new and emerging technologies now available.

The way we operate may also change as these technologies become common place. This will bring new opportunities and challenges for us.

Our challenge is to enable your energy choices, while at the same time ensuring efficient investment in the electricity network. We'll continue to work with you, electricity retailers and the broader market to enable demand side devices that support efficient network operation.

To ease the upward pressure on energy costs, we're developing ways to reduce investment in our electricity network. These include information to help you make informed choices and connect new technology in a safe reliable manner. As well as standards to ensure that new technologies can support you and work together with our network.

Our future challenges are likely to include the following technologies.

Electric cars

Uptake is slower than expected but plug in hybrid electric vehicles are becoming more popular. They give you an opportunity to manage your transport costs with your own generation of electricity (eg. recharge your car from your solar PV unit).

To support you, we have developed a webpage on electric vehicles. Work on electricity tariffs and standards is ongoing. This will help ensure electric cars have a seamless entry into your premises and our network.

Battery storage

We believe that battery storage can offer significant benefits to you. It enables solar PV owners to use more of their own solar energy, and can provide power during blackouts. And, if used in a certain way, battery storage will also help reduce peak demand on the network. This can help reduce the need for costly network upgrades.

There are many brands and types of battery storage on the market, each with pros and cons. Our webpage on battery storage can help you make an informed decision.

We're trialing the operation of various configurations and types of batteries. This will help us understand their impacts and interaction with the electricity grid. We're also working with standards bodies to ensure that batteries can be installed and operated safely, benefiting both you and our network.

Most of all, we want you understand battery storage so if you decide to invest, you can choose a system that is right for your lifestyle, is safe and also durable.

Home automation systems

Another technology attracting attention is home automation systems. These systems allow you to automate the operation of appliances within your home.

While still developing in Australia, home automation systems are not new to the industry. We believe that with growing internet technology, you'll have many home automation options. These include simple set-and-forget systems to complex interactive systems.

Our challenge is to ensure that as systems develop, you'll be able to use them to maximise solar generation, energy storage and interaction with our network. By interfacing to these systems, we'll be able to provide more choices for you and potentially work with you to manage the network.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy, especially solar PV, is a popular choice for our customers. We believe this will continue to grow. We're working on opportunities to enable more connections of renewable energy systems.

By working with you, industry and standards, we aim to simplify solar installations and network connections.