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Demand management plans & reports

Our Demand and Energy Management Plan (PDF 1.3 mb) for 2017-18 outlines our long-term demand management strategy, the overarching principles and a description of initiatives planned for the next five years. The plan is submitted annually to the Queensland Government.

The plan describes our existing and proposed Demand Management Programs, their estimated total cost and how these programs contribute to our commitment to minimising electricity cost increases through reducing the need for network upgrades and improving asset usage.

Our Demand Side Engagement Strategy (PDF 867.5 kb) provides details on our processes and approach to engage with stakeholders, customers and non-network providers in the development of these lower cost alternatives. In accordance with the Australian Energy Regulator a new strategy is produced every three years.

Our Demand Management Outcomes Report (PDF 1.3 mb) provides annual results on our performance against the Demand Management Plan.

The Australian Energy Regulator's Demand Management Innovation Allowance (DMIA) provides funding for network businesses like us to run trials and build capabilities for demand management. Better alternatives for demand management can help avoid costly network upgrades and address electricity affordability. Our DMIA Report (PDF 994.1 kb) presents the results of these trial activities each year.

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