Demand management plans & reports

We work with our customers and industry partners to reduce demand to maintain system reliability and ensure an affordable and secure electricity network.

Demand Management Plan

Our current Demand Management Plan includes our strategies, program and initiatives for the 2022-23 year.

Download a copy of our Demand Management Plan below.

Annual Reports
Documents Published
2022-23 Demand Management Plan (PDF File, 7.5 MB) 10 May 2022

Demand Side Engagement Strategy

Our Demand Side Engagement Strategy (PDF 2.3 mb) provides details on our processes and approach to engage with stakeholders, customers and non-network providers in the development of these lower cost alternatives. In accordance with the Australian Energy Regulator a new strategy is produced every three years.

Demand Management Innovation Allowance

The Demand Management Innovation Allowance (DMIA) is annual funding that we receive through our Regulatory Determination. We use this funding for a range of innovative projects to help identify and implement ways to better manage our network, reduce network costs and help customers use the network more efficiently.

A DMIA annual report  (PDF 928.2 kb) is developed each year that summarises the current and completed projects.

For more information about DMIA, a selection of some recently completed case studies, and how to express your interest to partner with us, please go to Demand Management Innovation Allowance.