Eligible PeakSmart areas

Most residential and business customers are eligible for a PeakSmart air conditioning cashback. There are some areas where customers are not able to claim a cashback because we aren’t able to send signals to PeakSmart air conditioners (for example some rural, isolated community networks and end of grid areas).

The shaded areas on the map below are where cashback incentives are available. Note there are no cashbacks available outside of the shaded areas. The cashback incentive amounts are the same across Queensland. Zoom in to find your premise or search by National Metering Identifier NMI (found on your electricity bill).

What do the different colours mean? (Retailers & installers only)

The different colours show where different signal receivers are used across our network. Click on a colour and a pop-up box will appear to show which signal receiver to order for that area. For more information see our Signal receiver factsheet (PDF 702.1 kb).

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