Rewards map

The following map shows where we have cashback rewards available now and potentially available in the future.

This map is interactive. A statewide view provides an overview of the current and potential future rewards areas. As you zoom in you’ll see more detailed information with different colour shading to show:

  Where we are offering cashback rewards now
  Where we may offer cashback rewards within 2 years

Also, at any time you can click on a shaded area and a pop-up will display more details of that rewards program. You may notice more than one cashback reward offer in a shaded area because we sometimes have different offers on different Network feeders.

Go to the Eligible PeakSmart areas page to see where PeakSmart cashback rewards are available and which signal receiver to use.

The Program Search tab shows the full list of current and potential future reward programs. You can search eligibility of a specific address by using the search bar in the Map & Address Search tab. If you know your National Metering Identifier (NMI), you can search eligibility in the NMI Search tab.

Please note: If you have a large number of NMI’s to search please email or call us on 1300 550 766 to request a bulk NMI search.

Map & Address search
Program search

Apply for cashback rewards

Click on the NMI Search and enter your customer's National Metering Identifier (NMI). Then select from a list of eligible cashback rewards for that NMI.

More about future rewards

For more information about future rewards programs please contact our Demand Management team on 1300 550 766 or email us at