Business terms and conditions

This information forms the general eligibility criteria for the Ergon Energy Business Incentives Program cashback offer for non-residential customers.

In order to qualify for cashback incentive payments, applicants must fully comply with all eligibility requirements in these Terms and Conditions.

The Ergon Energy Business Incentives Program cashback offer is only available in specific locations across Ergon Energy's distribution network. Location specific criteria, including incentive conditions and incentive levels, are available by visiting or calling 1300 550 766. The location specific criteria apply in addition to these Terms and Conditions.

Final decisions regarding the Ergon Energy Business Incentives Program cashback offer eligibility will be made by Ergon Energy and based on the information provided in this application form and any subsequent information provided.


As the applicant, you acknowledge that:

  1. you own, occupy, or are applying on behalf of, and with the approval of, a third party who owns or occupies a non-residential premises within the Ergon Energy electricity distribution network area which is in an area of network constraint and for which a cashback incentive is available
  2. you must first apply for pre-approval for cashback incentive offers for one or more eligible demand management goods and/or services that are eligible for incentive funding from Ergon Energy (refer to for list of eligible incentives). Except where noted in specific incentive offers, demand management goods and/or services incentivised through this program must be implemented after applying for and receiving pre-approval
  3. applications for demand management goods and/or services not listed will be considered on a case by case basis by Ergon Energy. Ergon Energy will determine the applicable network benefit in terms of kVA reduction on the network, any applicable financial incentive and the format for verifying and making payment
  4. the demand management goods and/or services incentivised through this program must be installed in accordance with, and comply with, all relevant Australian and International standards and be installed by an appropriately qualified, experienced and licensed contractor
  5. Ergon Energy will acknowledge receipt of your application via email and undertake an assessment of the application, including eligibility of the premise(s) and the proposed demand management measures. Ergon Energy may request further information as part of the assessment and prior to issuing any approval for incentive funding. Ergon Energy may reject any application that does not meet the eligibility criteria or any of the location specific criteria
  6. upon approval of an incentive application, applicants will be issued an incentive pre-approval in the form of a Letter of Offer or other appropriate form of contract which contains the Offer Conditions. The pre-approval documentation will outline the pre-approved incentive amounts; any other specific terms and conditions that apply; any agreed measurement and verification requirements; the process for making claims for incentive payment including supporting documentation; and any deadline for completing the demand management measures
  7. payments will either be made on installation of the measures and receipt of a satisfactory claim, or following receipt of an approved Measurement and Verification Report as outlined in the Letter of Offer. Ergon Energy reserves the right to request further information or evidence to verify compliance with these Terms and Conditions or requirements outlined in the Letter of Offer, prior to making payment. You must allow Ergon Energy reasonable access to the premise(s) to assess this application, any claim for payment and to confirm eligibility, if required. Ergon Energy may in its absolute discretion reject an application for a cashback incentive claim if it is concerned with its legitimacy
  8. Ergon Energy reserves the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time in its absolute discretion
  9. applicants may be required to repay any cashback incentives paid if any of these Terms and Conditions or requirements outlined in the Letter of Offer are found to have been breached
  10. by law, electrical work must be carried out by a licensed Electrical Contractor. For your own safety, you should not alter or attempt your own electrical work on any of your appliances
  11. by law, installation of air conditioning systems must be carried out by a licensed Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
  12. under no circumstances will Ergon Energy be liable for any loss, damages or loss of profit, revenue, business reputation or opportunity which may be sustained by you in relation to the actual or purported implementation of any energy saving device or Ergon Energy's rejection of any incentive application
  13. if you are unsure about any of the conditions of funding, it is your responsibility to contact Ergon Energy to obtain advice
  14. involvement in this program does not alter or affect the terms and conditions of your existing Standard Retail Contract (or the tariff rates for electricity supplied under that contract) or your existing Standard Connection Contract
  15. Ergon Energy is collecting and using your personal information for the purposes of assessing your  Ergon Energy Business Incentives Program application and to provide you with a cashback incentive payment if you are a successful applicant. If you do not provide all of the required personal information we may not be able to assess your application. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third parties, unless authorised by you or if required by law. You are entitled to access any personal information that Ergon Energy holds about you by contacting us on 13 10 46. You can also read Ergon Energy's privacy statement
  16. you are required to maintain the demand management goods and/or services incentivised and installed as part of this program in good operational and working order at the premises for a period of no less than 5 years from the date payment is made in respect of this application. Should you not comply with this condition, Ergon Energy reserves the right to require any cashback incentives paid under this application to be repaid to it, on a pro-rata basis.

Incentive offers

  1. Incentives are available for either reduced demand measures (measures that reduce demand on the network by reducing, removing or shifting electricity usage from peak to off-peak times) or demand response measures (involving customer embedded generation or call-off load that reduces demand on the network on an 'on-call' basis).
  2. No cashback incentives claims can be made for measures that are required by law to be carried out as part of construction of a new dwelling or business premises.
  3. The applicable incentive offers may be in the form of demand management products (defined as demand management measures for which applicable kVA savings on the network and an applicable fixed incentive is pre-determined by Ergon Energy) or for non-deemed measures where incentive is based on the amount of network benefit determined by Ergon Energy and the $/kVA applicable. Retainer payments may also be available for demand response measures. Incentives available, including any specific conditions/eligibility for each incentive are listed on the Ergon Energy Incentives page.


  1. You, Your, Applicant - means the person who applies for a cashback incentive and agrees to the Offer Conditions.
  2. Ergon Energy, We, Us, Our - means Ergon Energy Corporation Limited ABN 50 087 646 062, and its employees, contractors and agents.
  3. Offer Conditions - means the conditions upon which Ergon Energy makes the cashback incentive offers available.
  4. Standard Connection Contract - means the deemed contract between Ergon Energy and the Applicant under which Ergon Energy permits the Applicant to connect their premises to and receive a supply of electricity from the Ergon Energy network.
  5. Standard Retail Contract - means the deemed contract between Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd (Ergon Energy Retail) and the Applicant for the sale of electricity.