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Trade Ally Network registry search

Our Trade Ally Network (TAN) is a registry of local, statewide or national businesses that can help you explore energy efficiency and demand management opportunities in your business.

If you would like to implement energy or demand management strategies at your business and you're not sure where to start, it might be useful to contact one of our TAN members. TAN members should be prepared to come out to your premises to review your situation and offer you a range of solutions to suit your needs.

Where cashback incentives are available in your area, TAN members can also assist you to lodge a claim with us.

Find a TAN member

To find a TAN member suitable to your needs, please use the tick boxes below to filter the list by product, service or region. You can select multiple options.

Of course customers are welcome to contact another provider of energy services not listed in the TAN registry.

Important Information

The TAN is not an exhaustive list and is provided for information purposes only. Ergon is not responsible for, and does not represent or endorse the standard of any services rendered by TAN members, nor are their services warranted or guaranteed in any manner by Ergon. TAN members were accepted into the program on the basis of information sourced at time of application and where possible maintained. Customers are advised to make their own enquiries and form their own opinions as to the suitability of any TAN members for their particular needs.

Products or services
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  1. 24-7 Electricians

    24-7 Electricians are contractors with a strong power distribution background. Capable of making decisions that enhance a customer’s electrical installations efficiency.

  2. Aircon Off Pty Ltd

    Aircon Off Pty Ltd, offers cost effective solutions, including occupancy sensors and energy saving remotes, to significantly cut Split System Air Conditioning power usage whilst ensuring the amenity provided to users is maintained.

  3. Ashburner Francis

    Ashburner Francis is today a multi-disciplined consultancy practice operating from five offices in three states, servicing all areas of Australia including remote regions.

  4. Betta Lifestyles

    We are experts in energy saving solutions, be it Solar Generation and/or hot water installations, Energy Audits, Energy Saving Devices, Tariff Consolidation and Smart Building Energy Devices.

  5. Blue Star Atlantic

    BlueStar Pacific is a multi-disciplined Electrical and Communications Contracting company specialising in professional design, management and implementation of projects from early cost planning to ‘on time’ completion.

  6. Bonlec

    Bonlec is an independent, privately owned company that combines the Sales, Engineering & Installation of Building & Energy Management Systems with an extensive Electrical Department & Switchboard Manufacturing Section.

  7. BuildingIQ

    BuildingIQ provides advanced, cloud-based software to reduce HVAC energy costs in commercial buildings.

  8. CAPS Australia

    CAPS Australia designs, manufactures and services an extensive range of compressed air and power generation solutions including air compressors, blowers, power generators, mobile lighting towers, scissor lifts, oxygen and nitrogen generators, air receivers and portable diesel air compressors.

  9. CapTech

    Leaders in Power Quality Solutions and is one of Australian’s leading manufacturers of Power Factor Correction Equipment.

  10. Carbon Friendly Enterprises

    Carbon Friendly Enterprises is a Mackay based company that is locally owned and operated. “CFE”-Carbon Friendly Enterprises in an Energy Efficiency Consultancy and Auditing company that specialises in Commercial, Industrial and Mining Resource Sectors as we have a long history in these areas.