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PeakSmart for suppliers & installers

PeakSmart helps us manage peak demand on the electricity network. We’re offering cashbacks to customers located in eligible areas and we’ll pay you to install PeakSmart air conditioners or to convert existing PeakSmart air conditioners to PeakSmart Active.

Customer cashbacks

Customers located in an eligible area can get up to $500 cashback when they install a PeakSmart air conditioner OR have their existing air conditioner converted to PeakSmart Active. (Please note the cashback offer is not available on air conditioners already connected to an economy tariff like Tariff 33 Economy):

  • $150 cashback – 2 kW to 5 kW cooling capacity
  • $250 cashback – >5 kW to 10 kW cooling capacity
  • $500 cashback – >10 kW and above cooling capacity

Supplier/ installer cashbacks

Once approved, we’ll pay you for carrying out the installation or conversion:

  • $50 cashback - for each new PeakSmart air conditioner installed
  • $50 or $100 cashback – for each previously installed PeakSmart Ready air conditioner fitted with a signal receiver and converted to PeakSmart Active.

Conversion incentives

PeakSmart air conditioners have been around since 2011. So it’s likely there are customers in eligible areas that already have a PeakSmart Ready air conditioner installed at their property. We’re offering the same cashback incentives to customers who convert these previously installed air conditioners to PeakSmart Active as we are for new PeakSmart installations. And once approved, suppliers/installers earn $50 to $100 cashback to convert these air conditioners to PeakSmart Active. For more information see the PeakSmart Conversion Factsheet (PDF 29.0 kb).

Claiming your incentive

  1. After completing the installation, complete a PeakSmart Job Sheet (PDF 93.8 kb) and give it to the customer (one Job Sheet for each PeakSmart air conditioner installed). Make sure you nominate on the job sheet who gets the incentive – the supplier or the installer
  2. The customer then submits their application online (Note: you can submit this application on behalf of the customer)
  3. At the end of each month, we’ll email you with a summary of your cashback payments that have been approved. To enable payment to be made, we’ll then need you to issue an invoice to us for the approved amount
  4. We’ll then pay you via EFT (cashback incentives are paid monthly).

PeakSmart signal receivers are FREE!

To make an air conditioner PeakSmart Active, a signal receiver is fitted to the air conditioner either at the same time the air conditioner is installed or later as a retrofit. Installation of a signal receiver takes around 5 to 10 minutes.  Here's a full list of PeakSmart capable models.

The signal receiver can also be retrofitted to a previously installed PeakSmart capable air conditioner. The signal receiver can respond to Audio Frequency Load Control (AFLC) signals sent through the electricity network (similar to economy tariff control of hot water systems and pool pumps etc). The signal temporarily reduces the compressor’s electricity consumption.

Image of PeakSmart signal receiver

We provide the signal receivers for FREE. Installation is similar for most air conditioner brands using the Installers Manual (PDF 699.7 kb) provided by TMAC. Most air conditioner manufacturers have also developed their own installation instructions which are available to download below. Signal receivers can be ordered by calling us on 1300 550 766 or emailing demandmanagement@ergon.com.au.

Installation instructionsPhone number

Actron Air (PDF 550.6 kb)

1800 119 229
Daikin (PDF 461.1 kb)1300 362 438
Fujitsu (PDF 915.3 kb)1300 882 201
Fujitsu (R32 refrigerant models) (PDF 2.9 mb)1300 882 201
Haier (PDF 824.0 kb)customer.care@fp.com.au
Hitachi (PDF 499.9 kb)1800 211 800
Kelvinator (PDF 113.0 kb)1300 363 640
LG (PDF 109.2 kb)1300 542 273
Samsung Electronics1300 887 660
Midea (PDF 592.7 kb)1300 726 002
Mitsubishi Electric (PDF 567.4 kb)1300 651 808
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (PDF 3.7 mb)1300 138 007
Panasonic (PDF 203.2 kb)1300 304 545

More information

There's more information about how PeakSmart air conditioning works on our PeakSmart webpage. The following documents provide more detailed information about PeakSmart, supplier/installer incentives and the supplier/installer incentive application process that you can download and share with your staff:

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