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Do you have a standby generator?

If you own a large business with a stand-by generator in an eligible area for cashback incentives, you could earn money by making your generator available to support the electricity network.

We use a range of demand management methods to manage peak demand on the network.  This can include using generators to feed electricity into the network at peak times – this is referred to as 'demand response'.  

We may also work with large business customers to use their generators under a network support agreement – this is referred to as 'customer embedded generation'.

What are the benefits?

You could benefit in a number of ways by entering into a network support agreement with us:

  • You could be paid just to make your generator available to us
  • If your generator is 'called on' you may receive an additional payment - known as an 'event payment' 
  • It’s good practice for standby generators to be operated on a regular basis and these payments can help you offset your maintenance costs
  • You may also be able to enter into a separate agreement with an electricity retailer to offer your generators for 'market support'.

Is your generator eligible?

To be eligible, your generator must be in an area where a demand response solution is being sought and we are offering cashback incentives to help reduce peak demand on the electricity network.

There is also a range of technical requirements you need to meet to be eligible. The generator should be ready to export to the grid, although 'parallel' connection may also be suitable.

For new sites that are installing standby generators, it is usually cheaper to complete the electrical works to make your generator ready to export to the grid at the time of construction. So please consider this at the concept stage.

Find out more

If your site has a standby generator and you would like to find out more about a network support agreement, please contact us on 1300 550 766 (9am - 5pm, Mon to Fri), or email demandmanagement@ergon.com.au.