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Residential cashback incentives

Complete any of the actions in the table below to make your home more energy efficient and you can apply for cashback incentives.

Please note, work carried out and all invoices must be dated after 1 August 2016. Please make sure you review the PeakSmart terms & conditions and the Residential terms & conditions for this program.

Action Benefit2 Cashback1Conditions Documentation Required
Change your existing electric or electric heat pump hot water system to an economy tariff Save between 19% and 41% on electricity running costs $150 Existing hot water systems on tariff 11 only, new hot water systems not eligible. Must comply with hot water tank sizing guidelines4 Electrical contractors invoice with details to confirm electric hot water system or electric heat pump hot water system has been changed to an economy tariff
Change your fixed speed pool pump to Economy Tariff 33 Save up to 15% on electricity running costs. $250 Must be converting existing fixed speed pool (not variable speed) Electrical contractors invoice with details to confirm pool pump changed to Economy Tariff 33
Upgrade to a minimum 5-star energy efficient pool pump3 Save up to 80% on electricity running costs $200 5-star variable speed pool pump or better. Must be replacing fixed speed pool pump.   Existing pools only, new pools not eligible Supplier/installers invoice with details to confirm pool pump changed from fixed speed to minimum 5-star pool pump

Please note: If a new meter is required at your premises to change to an economy tariff for one of the above actions, you may be charged an upfront meter charge by your electricity retailer. This charge will appear on your next electricity bill after the new meter has been installed. If your cashback incentive claim is approved we will also send you a cheque for the meter costs you incurred. You should receive this payment in approximately 20 business days after you receive your cashback incentive payment.

Need help?

If you're not sure which changes to implement, do a quick online Home Energy Survey and receive a FREE personalised Home Energy Savings Report. This report will show you how to save electricity in your home and outline various cashback incentives available to you.  To access the Home Energy Survey please go to the Apply now webpage, enter your National Metering Identifier (NMI) and select the survey option.

Further information

For more information about this program please call us on 1300 977 421 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email demandmanagement@ergon.com.au.


  1. PeakSmart terms & conditions and Residential terms & conditions apply
  2. Economy tariff savings are based on comparing notified prices for Tariff 11 with Tariff 31/Tariff 33, effective 1 July 2016. 5-star energy efficient pool pump savings based on 1.1 kilowatt fixed speed pool pump operating for 6 hours per day replaced with 160 watt variable speed pool pump operating for 8 hours per day
  3. Must be a swimming pool filtration system used only for the purposes of filtration and associated sanitation in domestic installations and rated 5-stars or greater under the Voluntary Energy Rating Labelling Program for swimming pool pumps under the Australian Government's Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program
  4. Electric hot water system - minimum 160 litres for tariff 33 or 250 litres for tariff 31, or heat pump hot water system - minimum 270 litres for tariff 33.