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Business cashback incentives

The peak demand period in the Mackay Northern Beaches area is 4pm - 8pm, Monday to Sunday, November to April.

Below is a list of actions to make your business more energy efficient and cashback incentives for which you can apply. To be eligible for an incentive payment, the energy management measures implemented must reduce demand on the network during the stated peak demand period. Please note you must apply for pre-approval for cashback incentives before implementing any changes.

Work carried out and all invoices must be dated after 1 July 2016.

Read the flyer listing cashback incentives (PDF 425.0 kb) and how to claim as well as the terms and conditions for this program.

Action Benefit Cashback1Conditions Documentation Required
Upgrade air conditioning, lighting or other equipment with more energy efficient models Reduce electricity running costs

Up to $300/kVA of reduced network peak demand

Savings from change, including diversity factor, must occur during specified peak demand times Supplier / installer's invoice. Measurement and verification report may also be required. To be negotiated with applicant and outlined in Letter of Offer
Permanently remove or shift electricity usage from peak to off-peak periods

May benefit from time of use tariffs

Up to $300/kVA of reduced network peak demand

Savings from change, including diversity factor, must occur during specified peak demand times Negotiated with applicant and outlined in Letter of Offer
Improve power factor (PF) Improve efficiency and life of equipment

Up to $300/kVA of reduced network peak demand

Cashback incentives only apply to improvements above level required by Regulation: low voltage (<1 kV) 0.8 PF; medium voltage (1 kV < 5 0kV) 0.9 PF; high voltage (50 kV and 250 kV) 0.95 PF

Measurement and Verification report, commissioning report, certificate of test, and certificate of compliance with the requirements of s2.9 of the Queensland Connection and Metering Manual
Install a new PeakSmart Active air conditioner, or convert your existing PeakSmart Ready air conditioner to PeakSmart ActiveReduce upfront costs

$150 – 2 kW to 5 kW cooling capacity

$250 – >5 kW to 10 kW cooling capacity

$500 - >10 kW and above cooling capacity3

Air conditioner cannot be connected to Tariff 33. Air conditioner must comply with AS 4755.3.1. PeakSmart receiver must be fitted by licensed contractor

Supplier / installers invoice showing model number, capacity, and that a PeakSmart receiver has been fitted to the air conditioner. Completed PeakSmart job sheet (PDF 93.8 kb)

For cashback claims for conversion of a previously installed PeakSmart capable air-conditioner to become PeakSmart Active, only the completed Peak Smart job sheet is required.

Change your fixed speed pool pump to an economy tariff Save on electricity running costs $250

Must be converting existing fixed speed pool pump (not variable speed)

Contractors invoice showing change to Economy Tariff 33
Upgrade to a minimum 5-star energy efficient pool pump Save up to 80% on electricity running costs2 $200 5-star variable speed pool pump or better. Must replace fixed speed pool pump.  Existing pools only, new pools not eligible Supplier / installers invoice showing change from fixed speed to minimum 5-star energy efficient pool pump
Change existing electric, solar or electric heat pump hot water system to an economy tariff

Save on electricity running costs

$175 Existing hot water systems on non-load controlled tariff, new hot water systems not eligible. Must comply with hot water tank sizing guidelines Contractors invoice showing change of electric or electric heat pump hot water system to an economy tariff

Please note:

  • Business customers must first apply for pre-approval for any proposed changes and wait for a Letter of Offer to confirm eligibility for cashback incentives. The Letter of Offer is valid for 6 months or as otherwise outlined
  • If a new meter is required at your premises to change to an economy tariff for one of the above actions, you may be charged an upfront meter charge by your electricity retailer. Refer to our Metering charges webpage for more information (see the section Upfront metering charges).This charge will appear on your next electricity bill after the new meter has been installed. If your cashback incentive claim is approved we will also send you a cheque for the meter costs you incurred. You should receive this payment in approximately 20 business days after you receive your cashback incentive payment.

Trade Ally Network

We've established the Trade Ally Network (TAN) to help you explore energy efficiency and demand management opportunities. The TAN is a registry of local, state-wide and national businesses that offer energy management goods and services. Of course you are welcome to contact another provider not listed in the TAN registry.

Further information

For more information about this program please call us on 1300 550 766 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or email demandmanagement@ergon.com.au.


  1. Terms and Conditions apply
  2. 5-star energy efficient pool pump savings based on 1.1 kilowatt fixed speed pool pump operating for 6 hours per day replaced with 160 watt variable speed pool pump operating for 8 hours per day
  3. From 1 Dec 2017 the PeakSmart cashback offers will change to: $100 cashback for less than 4kW cooling capacity, $200 cashback for >4kw and less than 10kW cooling capacity, $400 cashback for >10kW cooling capacity. The new offers apply to applications submitted from 1 Dec 2017.
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