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Claiming your cashback incentive is easy, just follow the steps below.

Business customers

Please note: you must first apply for pre-approval for any proposed changes and wait for a Letter of Offer to confirm eligibility for cashback incentives. The Letter of Offer is valid for 6 months or as otherwise outlined.

  1. Please make sure you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions before you apply
  2. Enter your National Metering Identifier (NMI) in the search bar below, and click "search". You'll find your NMI on your electricity bill
  3. A list of cashback incentives that you are eligible for will be displayed. Click on all the cashback incentives you wish to apply for
  4. Download and complete the Ergon Incentives Business Application Form (XLSX 266.7 kb) as you'll need to attach this to your application.  Your supplier/installer will be able to assist with completing this form. Please note, this is a standard application form used for all Incentive Programs and not all cashback incentives listed on the form may be available in the Chinchilla area
  5. Submit your application for pre-approval and wait for your Letter of Offer to arrive via email. You should receive this in approximately 10 business days, unless we request further information from you. The Letter of Offer will outline the approved cashback incentives, total funding available to you, the process you should follow and the documentation required to claim your cashback incentive payments. Some changes will require a measurement and verification plan to be implemented. A measurement and verification template and accompanying guide is available for use and will be provided when required
  6. Once you have your Letter of Offer, implement your changes and keep copies of tax invoices/proof of purchase and any other required documentation
  7. Follow the instructions in your Letter of Offer and apply for cashback incentives
  8. Submit your claim and wait for your cashback incentive payment cheque to arrive. You should receive this in approximately 20 business days
  9. If your cashback incentive claim is approved, we will also send you a cheque for any upfront meter charges from your electricity retailer (if applicable) for a new meter to change to an economy tariff (applies to hot water and pool pump economy tariff changes only). You should receive this in approximately 20 business days after you receive your cash back incentive payment.

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