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Funding options

There are a number of ways to finance your energy efficiency and demand management projects. You may be eligible for a cashback incentive from us, or you may be eligible for an energy efficiency loan or grant. If you are primary producer, the Queensland Farmers Federation QFF has information about financing options for you.

Our cashback incentives

We offer cashback incentives to eligible customers in selected areas to reduce electricity usage at peak demand times. Demand management incentive programs help to reduce peak demand on the electricity grid, allowing us to defer costly network upgrades. This helps to minimise electricity price increases for everyone.

See if your business is located in an area eligible or find out more about our incentives programs.

Energy efficiency loans

Some financial institutions offer loan and leasing options for businesses to implement energy efficiency projects. These loans are similar to equipment financing but with lower interest rates or longer loan periods. Two members of our Trade Ally Network, the NAB and Macquarie Bank, can help you here.

The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) supports commercial lenders to provide lower interest rate loans for energy efficiency projects. There’s a range of programs with co-financiers targeted to the clean energy needs of small businesses, manufacturers and the agricultural sector, as well as small-scale commercial property.

The Queensland Rural Adjustment Authority (QRAA) also has a range of loans that support Queensland primary producers looking to upgrade, expand or diversify primary production.

Energy efficiency grants

The Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) is another source of funding for energy efficiency projects. The ERF is a market based mechanism that places a value on emissions reductions, known as Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU).  The ACCUs can then be sold in regular reverse auctions or on the voluntary market.

Most small to medium businesses will not be able to participate in the ERF directly. However, you may be able to access funding by working with an aggregator who will ‘purchase’ the emissions reductions from a number of businesses. One of our Trade Ally Network members Clean Energy Technology Holdings offer access to ERF funding using the aggregator model.