Your roof is exposed to the sun all day and can be the biggest source of heat into your home.

Light colours reflect heat and keep it out of your home, while dark colours absorb heat. A dark grey roof can absorb three times as much heat as a light cream coloured roof. In most areas of Queensland, choosing a light coloured roof can make a big difference to your summer cooling costs.

To buffer your home from the sun's heat, it's best to insulate your roof and ceiling and also make sure your garage roof doesn't reflect heat back into your home.

Depending on the material you use, your roof will store and lose heat differently. Steel roofing loses heat quickly, as soon as the sun stops shining on it. Roof tiles absorb heat during the day and then re-radiate it into the home at night. If you choose tiles, make sure to use reflective foil with insulation blanket to reduce the reheating to your home at night.

It's best to ventilate the roof space to avoid super-heating the air and adding extra heat to your home. Install items like air vents, whirly gigs and extraction fans to help remove hot air from your roof space.