Electrical appliances

It's important to be sensible about the way you use power to help save on your electricity bills. Understanding how to choose the right appliances for your home and use them efficiently means they’ll work better, last longer and save you money.

  • Washers & dryers

    Laundry appliances use a lot of electricity to wash and dry each load. Follow our tips to stop them cleaning up at your expense.

  • Fridges & freezers

    Fridges and freezers come in many sizes and often we have more than one. Our tips can help stop them putting the bite on your budget.

  • Dishwashers

    How to choose, connect and operate a dishwasher to cost less money.

  • Home entertainment

    Our love of home entertainment appliances is growing. Our tips can help stop them playing around with your hard earned cash.

  • Standby power

    Read how 4% of your electricity costs may be going towards appliances that are doing nothing.