Agricultural industry

Agriculture is an important part of the Queensland economy, and as a key partner distributing electricity across the state, we are here to help farmers prepare, irrigate and harvest their crops. We're here to support the agriculture sector for the future.

We regularly engage directly with farmers on a variety of initiatives, including tariff choice, account consolidation, drought support and irrigation efficiency. We support Queensland's Agriculture Strategy.

Energy Savers Program

The Energy Savers Program is a partnership between us and Queensland Farmers Federation (QFF) and its member bodies. It's funded by the Queensland Government.

The program helps farmers reduce their energy costs by providing information and tools to adopt more efficient practices and technologies with irrigation and on-farm processing, including refrigeration and cold storage.

The Energy Savers Program has occurred in two stages across Queensland, with farms in both our's and Energex's territories:

  • Irrigators Energy Savers Program 2013 – 2015: 30 irrigation audits were conducted on a range of different farms and irrigation types
  • Energy Savers Plus Program 2015 – 2017: Up to 100 audits will be conducted across a range of irrigation and on-farm processing systems in a number of sectors.

As the audits are completed, support is provided to farmers to apply recommended strategies. Case studies are then developed to show the benefits of these strategies to the wider farming industry. Look out for events jointly run by us and the QFF on their website.

The QFF has lots more information on their website about energy efficiency and renewable energy including financing options. These include loans and grants to fund energy efficiency projects.

Tariff check

It’s a good idea to contact your electricity Retailer to check that you’re on the right tariff. Rural tariffs are transitional tariffs that will be phased out no later than 30 June 2020 and are subsidised by the Queensland Government.

Help during drought

If you're a farmer living in a drought affected area you may be able to get help from your electricity Retailer in the form of waived charges and deferred payments.

Safety is our highest priority

Working safely with electricity and irrigation equipment is essential to keep our community and our network safe. Please read our Look Up and Live factsheet for irrigators (PDF 220.4 kb).

Tips to stay safe around the workplace

Connecting to the network

In most cases, a new electricity connection to a rural property will require the extension of our network. This may involve extending the high voltage lines and/or the installation of a transformer.

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