Improving customer advocacy

Thinking forward about you

You, our customers, are central to everything we do. Whether its face-to-face contact, strategy development or processing paperwork in our business we believe that being ‘customer driven’ is everyone’s business.

We are committed to continually improving your experience with us. Customer advocacy is a whole-of-business approach for us. All our teams are partners in delivering value to you.

Thinking forward to improve your experience

We recognise that our success depends on our ability to meet your expectations. This is why we are genuine in listening to you, continually improving your service experience and evolving our business to meet your future needs.

By assuming a ‘customer perspective’ - standing in your shoes - we will gain a greater appreciation of your needs and expectations.

To learn more about your expectations of us, we’ve completed a detailed program of customer interviews. This was followed by a series of workshops with our staff and customer representatives. The feedback from this work has shown that, while our people have you at heart and strive to meet your needs, we do not always meet expectations on price, communication and delivery.

Improving products and services for you

To provide more benefits to you, we’re changing the way we manage the network. We’re delivering consistency, efficiency and reduced costs to you through a number of initiatives such as:

  • Field Force Automation (FFA) technology, which has modernised the way we work. Access to near-real-time and reliable asset data helps us manage out network better, leading to reduced energy costs for regional Queenslanders
  • Using Grid Utility Support Systems (GUSS) on our Single Wire Earth Return (SWER) network. These are large batteries which provide a more reliable power supply to residents living on SWER lines
  • Engaging you in the big decisions, like our Australian Energy Regulator submission and network tariff reform
  • Implementing demand management programs that reduce the need for costly network upgrades, helping to keep electricity prices down.

Customer advocacy in action

Both our customers and our industry are changing. Rapid advances in new technologies are transforming the energy landscape we share with you.

We know that you have a greater role to play in the evolving energy landscape. By keeping you front and centre in our decision making and consultation, we are keeping our promise as a technology enabler.  This in turn delivers greater value and benefits to you.

In all we do, we encourage our staff to question "does this work deliver value to customers in the areas that matter to them?", and, "how can we do this smarter, better and safer, to benefit both our customers and our business?"