Meet our graduates

What better way to learn more about our Graduate Program and if it’s right for you, than to hear from some of our current graduates.

We have Graduates all over Queensland. See what graduates Alice Fleetwood, Jake Anderson and Amy Phan have to say about their experiences on the program.


I'm Alice Fleetwood. I'm a Graduate Electrical Engineer with the Ergon Energy and Energex graduate program. I grew up in regional New South Wales on a property with a standalone power system. So it had solar and batteries, and because of that, energy management and the environment's always been really important to me.

It's a really interesting experience being a graduate. There's a lot of diverse work groups and the type of work that we get to do. I've got to work in both Brisbane and the Cairns offices, as well as as far out west of Roma and up in the Cape as well. So that's been a really amazing experience to see some of the different communities that we serve.

I think if you're someone who likes new technologies and working in a diverse range of environments from out in the field to the office as well, and enjoy traveling and working with different people, then I think it would be great to apply for the graduate program. It's definitely an exciting time in the energy industry.


Being a graduate is great. It's exciting and it's challenging. Every day is different. Some days you will be in the office, some days you will be out in the field. It's really nurturing environment and there's a lot to learn and do.

So far in my graduate journey I've worked in Cairns in the city, and then I've moved to the Depot in Hartley St, which has been a good change. I've seen the office environment to the work environment of the Depot. And I soon plan to go down to Townsville, to do some field work, and work in the office down there, to get a bit of diversity and to meet some people in other offices.

There's pretty unlimited career prospects after the graduate program. Looking around the company there is a lot of people that have come out of the graduate program that have reached some pretty high places. It's such a diverse company and there's so many different departments that I could definitely see myself working in and other people could have fun in too.


My name is Amy Phan and I'm a Graduate Electrical Engineer. I did a few rotations up in Townsville. I was able to go out to the rural network and see all of its configurations and its challenges. And I was lucky enough to move back to Brisbane and I was able to see the different configurations of this network.

So advice that I'd give someone that's looking to apply for the program, is definitely trying to do work experience or a co-op placement if you can. And if you could do an industry thesis with either Energex or Ergon Energy Network. That gave me like a deeper understanding of the business and the industry, and really solidified that I wanted to be in power engineering.

With the uptake of renewable energy connecting into our network, Energex and Ergon Energy Network are really looking for candidates who can bring a different skill set to tackle the way that we've always solved these problems. And those people should definitely apply for the program.