Our buildings

As part of our commitment to energy efficiency, we are constantly improving the way we use energy in our buildings and infrastructure. When we construct new buildings or refurbish old ones, we incorporate energy efficient strategies whenever feasible. This includes installing solar generation, sensor lighting, water saving devices, rain water harvesting, double-glazed windows, energy efficient appliances and use of natural light.

The environmental rating of our buildings

The Toowoomba Office, Rockhampton Training Centre and Mackay Depot and Office were all designed to meet a 5 star National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) through the design of the buildings and the energy efficient work practices of our employees.

The Mackay Depot was purpose built to be energy efficient and continues to improve our operational efficiency and our ability to be responsive to customers in the area.

How we achieve these ratings

At our Mackay Depot, we have sensor lighting, a generator for peak load cropping, rain water storage to service toilets, and irrigation for gardens. We also have movement sensors to manage lighting, air conditioning and security, as well as a solar power system to provide energy.

We've also installed smart meters at a number of locations throughout Queensland which will help our Facilities Managers to target areas of energy wastage in depots and offices.

We have installed solar generation, solar hot water and heat pumps on some of our buildings and infrastructure. This is always subject to a cost benefit analysis to make sure we gain maximum value from the outlaid capital. While some of our buildings do have photovoltaic cells installed, we do not receive any subsidy on our electricity accounts at these sites.