Disclosure log

This Disclosure Log contains details of applications made under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld).

You can contact us via the details on our Access webpage to discuss access to documents contained in our Disclosure Log.

Date of applicationApplication detailsDocuments released
16 March 2020Reference 2020-25

Documents relating to the SCADA system for the Mackay Region on 2 July 2014. 
9 pages released.
9 July 2019Reference EE009/0002/0218

Documents relating to the connection to the Cameron Creek Rural Electrification Scheme backbone. 
13 pages released.
3 pages in full and 10 pages in part. 
11 June 2019Reference EE009/0002/0214
Documents relating to a power pole in Dimbulah 
28 pages released
21 pages in full and 7 pages in part. 
23 May 2019Reference EE009/0023/0112

Documents relating to a power surge in Mt Isa on 25 October 2018. 
58 pages released
22 May 2019Reference EE009/0002/0213

 Documents relating to a fire on Wolfram Road Dimbulah on 3 December 2018.
25 pages released.
12 pages in full and 13 pages in part. 
11 September 2018Reference 18 018

Documents in relation to Ergon street lights around Endeavour Park, Manunda Qld.
3 folios
29 May 2018Reference 18 011

Documents in relation to event 18MK2915 
3 folios
3 April 2018Reference 18 005
Documents in relation to a project to supply power to Hayman, Hamilton, Daydream and South Molle Islands.
3 folios
24 January 2018Reference 18 002
Documents concerning a power surge on 24 October 2015 at Moura.
6 folios
13 October 2017Reference 18 002
Documents concerning a power surge on 24 October 2015 at Moura.
6 folios
13 October 2017Reference 17 024
Documents concerning streetlight numbered 33073378 which is located directly adjacent to 60 Maryborough Street, Bundaberg.
3 folios
21 September 2017Reference 17 023
Documents in relation to streetlights within a 100m radius (approximately) of 430 Alderley Street, Toowoomba.
2 folios
26 September 2017Reference 17 019
Documents concerning the Rosella substation and internal standards in relation to the 33kV underground electrical cable installation and maintenance.
4 folios
21 August 2017Reference 17 013
Documents concerning feeder stat event on 2 July 2014 at Mackay T38 substation and fault studies at Rosella 33/11kV substation for period July to December 2014.
1 folio
21 August 2017Reference 17 012
Documents in relation to 33kV BUS SECTION CE EB04Q00 circuit breaker at the SOMA Substation during the period of July 2014.
4 folios
12 June 2017Reference 17 007
Documents concerning attendance to the pillar box at Macrossan Street, Port Douglas on 17 April 2017.
1 folio
10 May 2017Reference 17 005
Documents in relation to parcel of land now described as Lot 33 Registered Plan 749141 Parish of Abbotsford.
2 folios
31 January 2017Reference 17 003
Documents in relation to works undertaken at 8 Wandal Road, Wandal Queensland.
1 folio
11 August 2016Reference 16 017
Documents in relation to a power outage which occurred at Bendigo Bank in Malanda on 17 March 2015.
3 folios
16 June 2016Reference 16 008
Documents relating to electrical surges on 2 July 2014.
5 folios
6 June 2016Reference 16 005
Documents in relation to a street light on the corner of Gavin Street and Wolca Street, Bundaberg North.
5 folios
9 February 2016Reference 16 002
Documents in relation to an electrical incident which occurred on 16 December 2013 at pole C78 Kennedy Highway, Ravenshoe, Queensland.
2 folios
8 September 2015Reference 15 015
Documents relating to report #15CA9448.
3 folios
9 April 2015Reference 15 008
Documents relating to an incident that occurred on 12 February 2014 at Bay Fusion Food Design, Hervey Bay.
15 folios
9 February 2015Reference 15 003
Documents in relation to CCTV Footage of Ergon Impress Shed at Searle Depot, Maryborough.
1 folio
20 November 2014Reference 14 022
Documents evidencing any reports or notifications of outages or faults concerning overhead streetlights at the corner of Bourbond St and Bingera St; and Woongarra St and Bingera St, Bundaberg QLD 4670; and any documents concerning any repairs, modifications or attendances to said streetlights. 23 March 2013 – 23 March 2014 (inclusive).
84 folios
8 September 2014Reference 14 020
Documents in relation to the installation and maintenance of street lights in the parking bay across from and at the Liberty Dulacca Truck Stop located on the Warrego Highway, Dulacca in the State of Queensland.
87 folios
2 September 2014Reference 14 018
Documents and all reports relating to the fault, cause and damage to high/low voltage assets in relation to the major power outage at the Mackay Hume Street bulk supply substation.
22 folios
4 August 2014Reference 14 017
Documents relating to a blackout (power outage) affecting approximately 5000 customers in Mackay on 30 May 2009.
2 folios
29 October 2013Reference 13 020
Documents that indicate where the following Ergon Energy poles are located: 2035667 67CNG17 5; 4050520 31392; and 2053420 70 CNG1. Documents providing a plan showing the location of the poles.
1 folio
26 July 2013Reference 13 015
Correspondence with the Director General of the Queensland Government Department of Energy and Water Supply regarding the implementation of Recommendation 29 of the Independent Review Panel and Network Costs – Electricity Network Costs Review Report.
11 folios
18 June 2013Reference 13 014
Documents and records concerning works conducted by Ergon Energy or its contractors in the vicinity of the road reserve at the corner of Sheridan Street and Moffatt Street, Cairns North from 23 April 2009 to 21 June 2010.
99 folios
18 June 2013Reference 13 011
Documents in relation to the maintenance of Ergon Energy poles:
(a) 2035667 67CNG17 5;
(b) 4050520 31392; and
(c) 2053420 70 CNG1.
27 folios
6 December 2012Reference 12 021
Documents relating to any directions or requests from the State Government to reduce the operating budget of Ergon.
10 folios (in part)
14 February 2012Reference 12 003

Documents including emails, any other communications and requests for information to the Southern downs Regional Council – January 2010 to February 2012. The planning process for Ergon Energy’s proposed 110kV Warwick to Stanthorpe Powerline Project.
30 folios and 3 folios in part
5 May 2011Reference 11 0002
Documents regarding transformer upgrade for Kingfisher Lane.
3 folios
15 November 2010Reference 10 0014
Documents relating to:
1. The power outage on 30 May 2009 (‘power outage’)
2. Policy documents or manual standards indicating preventative measures adopted by Ergon Energy in preventing power outages by snakes.
3. Documents indicating outages caused by snakes in the Mackay, North Queensland and Far North Queensland region.
80 folios