Electricity Distribution Network Code

The Electricity Distribution Network Code, which is made under the Electricity Act 1994 (Qld), sets out additional rules that apply to electricity distributors in Queensland.

About the code

Version 4 of the Electricity Distribution Network Code took effect on 1 July 2020. The Electricity Distribution Network Code:

  • Sets guaranteed service levels (GSLs) and requires a distribution entity to report annually on its performance against those GSLs
  • Sets out a framework for coordination of services between distribution entities and retailers and states the terms of the standard coordination agreement
  • Imposes obligations on distribution entities and retailers to provide certain premises-specific information
  • Sets out the principles for metering at certain connection points and points of supply.

Guaranteed service levels

The Electricity Distribution Network Code sets out GSLs that relate to the quality of service provided to small customers.  If we don't meet these, small customers may receive a GSL payment. For further information please refer to our Guaranteed service levels webpage.

Coordination between distribution entities and retailers

The Electricity Distribution Network Code recognises that customers will be both customers of distribution entities and retailers, and requires the distribution entities and retailers to act in a cooperative manner to facilitate matters such as:

  • Metering, charging and billing
  • The issuing of service orders by the retailer
  • Facilitating customer transfers.


Chapter 5 of the Electricity Distribution Network Code sets out metering obligations for those premises that are not covered by the metering provisions of the National Electricity Rules (that is, where the customer is defined to be an excluded customer under the Electricity Act 1994 (Qld), which is usually in isolated networks).