Keeping customers connected

Published: 4 Jun 2019 9:46am

It’s not always possible to quickly fix problems with our larger assets like substation transformers, simply because of the complex nature of the work required and the scale of repairs.

That unfortunately means an impact on power supply to our customers.

That’s exactly why we’ve been working with customers south east of Maryborough and installed a NOMAD portable substation to ensure power is available to the coastal villages of Poona, Maaroom, Boonooroo, Tuan and Tinnabar while the substation for that region is repaired.

There are a number of major customers that require power 24/7 for their operations so we talked to them about an outage period that would allow us to install the NOMAD connection with minimal interruption to their businesses.

It’s not as simple as rolling into an area with a truck loaded with a portable substation – a lot of work was required in the background to meet the logistical challenges of transporting the substation transformer to Ergon’s Maryborough Depot for repairs and the NOMAD from Townsville as well as coordinating the required teams for specific maintenance works.

The outcome for the customers and Ergon Energy has been a win-win. They’ve still got access to the electricity they require to continue operations and we have a more flexible maintenance window to carry out the necessary repairs.

Media Contact: Brett Judge
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