What does a $1 worth of power buy you this winter?

Published: 2 Jun 2021 9:58am

The cooler weather we’re experiencing keeps many of us indoors a lot more and we generally use our powered appliances to keep warm and entertain us, but what do they cost to run?

Ergon Energy’s Executive General Manager Customer, Michael Dart says the most recent nationally compiled data explains what $1 worth of power buys you when running appliances at home.

“Using a reverse cycle air conditioner is still one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your home warm, costing around a dollar to run the average sized system at 20 degrees Celsius in a 36 square metre area for two hours,” he said.

“People often love a longer, hot shower in winter, but for every 15 minutes it’s costing $1 - not to mention the additional water in dry areas.

“And just as you would on fine days in summer, continue using the clothesline and sun for drying laundry where possible because using the dryer can cost up to a dollar per load.”

So, what does it cost to keep entertained indoors over winter?

Mr Dart said a dollar would buy around 20 hours of binge watching your favourite series on a smart TV.

Energy Networks Australia

“Charging your smart phone is extremely cheap, costing just a dollar for a whole year.

“It’s hard to resist comfort food in the cooler months and using your oven to cook a hearty meal will cost a dollar, while your fridge costs about the same to run for two to three days, depending on its size.”

Unfortunately for most of us, staying indoors is not just about kicking back on the couch. Mr Dart said chores will always get in the way of fun, so apart from inconvenience, what does it cost to run the white goods?

“When doing the washing, a dollar will clean around five loads in a front-loading machine compared to three cycles in a top loader,” he said.

“Washing the dishes costs around the same as your front loader, getting around three rounds of plates and cutlery done for a dollar.”

“If going for a drive is your thing in the cool weather and you have an electric car then you’re doing it pretty economically, motoring around 18km for just one dollar.”

The Energy Networks Australia fact sheet on how what $1 of power buys you can be downloaded at https://bit.ly/34N7wGx

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