Ergon ready to support communities in Cyclone Imogen’s path

Published: 3 Jan 2021 7:53pm

Ergon Energy is reassuring Far North Queensland communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Imogen that crews from across the region are ready to respond to any power outages as soon as weather permits.

Area Manager Charlie Casa said aircraft and crews were on standby to fly to Mornington Island as soon as the pilot gives the green light.

“We have a crew of five from Atherton scheduled to leave for Gununa first thing tomorrow morning (4/1) to get the power back on to 180 customers who were the first to be impacted by wild weather today.

“The only way into some remote communities is by air, so we really do appreciate everyone’s patience and I promise our crews will hit the ground running, but like everyone else they are at the mercy of the weather,” he said.

This afternoon around 1000 customers lost power at Normanton, Karumba and surrounding areas.

“The high-voltage network that supplies these customers covers a wide area and finding faults in the current conditions is challenging because we can’t do aerial patrols and flooding is likely to impede access to work sites on the ground.

“It’s a waiting game, but as soon as there is a window of opportunity our crews will be out inspecting the network, assessing the damage and fixing faults so they can safely restore power to all affected customers,” Mr Casa said.

After the cyclone, fallen powerlines are a life-threatening hazard, which can be hidden amongst tree branches and other storm debris.

“Please remember to stay well away from any fallen powerlines, warn your family and your neighbours, and report the location of any electrical hazards to emergency services on 000.

“Making the area safe for the community is always the first priority for our crews and the more specific information they have the better.

“We’ve supported far northern communities through cyclones, storms, floods and bushfires and we’ll always do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe and get the power back on,” Mr Casa.

Media Contact: Emma Oliveri
Phone: 0457 566 079