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Watch electrical hazards when working in the yard this summer break

Published: 8 Jan 2018 8:58am

Ergon Energy is urging home “do-it-yourselfers” and gardeners doing work around their yard this holiday period to beware of electrical dangers within their property.

Every summer break thousands of Queenslanders begin digging, cutting and pruning around their yard and according to Ergon’s Community Safety Manager Aaron Smith each of these tasks should always be done with electrical safety in mind.

“Whether establishing a new garden, digging a hole for a fence post or planting a new tree we’re asking people to be aware of underground power both in the yard and on the footpath,” he said.

“People can organise the services of a certified cable locator who can come out and identify all underground services within a property.

“By doing so the homeowner can not only save a costly bill by accidently striking an underground service, the information could also save their life.”

Similarly, Mr Smith said if anyone is digging outside their fence line or footpath they can call a special number to locate nearby cables.

“When digging on the footpath people should always contact “Dial Before You Dig” on www.1100.com.au or call 1100,” he said.

“The Dial Before You Dig service can assist property with plans and advice of any registered underground utilities outside their property boundary.”

But according to Mr Smith, underground hazards in the yard aren’t only electrical danger people should be aware of.

He said overhead wires can also kill if struck and urged people to keep clear of them while working in the yard.

“There are very few second chances when coming into contact with any electricity so if someone’s doing any work such as trimming trees, working on their roof or carrying tall objects around their property they must always look above for overhead wires,” he said.

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