Take care, stay line aware as you get ready for storm season

Published: 1 Oct 2020 8:09am

As Queenslanders clean up their yards in preparation for storm season, Ergon Energy is reminding tree trimmers to be aware of overhead powerlines.

Community Safety Manager Aaron Smith said 77 electrical safety incidents involving vegetation management last financial year should serve as a powerful warning.

“We’ve seen potentially deadly incidents where tree branches and bamboo have contacted powerlines while being pruned, creating an electrical hazard and cutting power to the neighbourhood.

"Don’t put your life or someone else’s at risk – if there is overgrown vegetation near the service wire that runs to your home or on the footpath near overhead powerlines, consult a professional tree trimmer or Ergon Energy.

“It’s always great to see Queenslanders doing their bit to get ready for storm season, but we don’t want to see anyone hurt in the process so please seek expert safety advice before you tackle any tasks that might be risky,” Aaron said.

Ergon Energy is ramping up its own vegetation management program in the countdown to summer.

Trimming trees in close proximity to poles and wires can help reduce the risk of network damage and power outages during a storm.

“We use vegetation management experts and we have strict safe work procedures for anyone working near our network.

“Similarly, we’re urging home gardeners not to take shortcuts where powerlines are involved – call a professional for your own safety,” Aaron said.


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