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Switch off before heading off this Christmas

Published: 20 Dec 2018 8:56am

Holidaymakers are being encouraged to keep their home safe from fire and other damage by switching off electrical appliances before heading away this Christmas.

Ergon Energy Safety Advisor Chris Rose said by switching off appliances at the wall people can not only save electricity but also help keep their home safe while they’re away.

“When most people think of securing their home before going on holidays primarily they think of ensuring their home doors and windows are locked before driving off,” Mr Rose said.

“But at Ergon we believe that’s just half the job done and encourage people to go from room to room and methodically switching off all small and medium appliances at the wall to ensure they’re not drawing power in standby mode energy while they’re away.

“This will not only save money, it will also minimise the chances of a live appliance suffering an electrical fault and becoming a serious fire hazard while the home is unattended.

“And if you’re fortune enough to be heading away for an extended period it’s also good practice to switch off larger appliances such as hot water systems and the fridge after you’ve cleared it out.”

While the majority of appliances can be switched off when the home is vacant Ergon recommends rooftop solar systems and pool pumps remain active to ensure they can continue doing their job.

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