Self-meter reads made easy by Ergon Energy

Published: 8 Apr 2019 11:47am

Ergon Energy has launched a new, improved online service for customers who want to do self-meter reads.

General Manager Customer and Market Operations Carly Irving said it was the first of many 24/7 self-service options designed to give customers more choice and control.

“We understand that estimated meter reads can be a source of frustration for customers, so this will be welcome news, especially for dog owners whose meters cannot be read by our people if safe access is not guaranteed.

“In January, Ergon introduced a new safe entry policy that prevents crews and meter readers from entering yards where dogs are not securely restrained or separated from the work area.

“If a meter reader visited your property and access to your meter was restricted or unavailable, for whatever reason, you can now login and submit your own read online that same day,” Ms Irving said.

Once the reading has been validated, the network business will pass it on to the customer’s electricity retailer, which is responsible for billing and will ultimately determine whether it is accepted.

“While self-meter reads have long been an option for authorised customers in remote areas or on properties where meter access is challenging, our online service will be available to any account-holder who receives an estimated read or wants to avoid an estimate,” Ms Irving said.

Ergon is working to improve its entire catalogue of online services based on valuable feedback from customers.

“Electricity plays an essential part in our lives, so we want to make it as easy as possible for customers to get in touch and stay informed.

“As part of our commitment to continuous improvement of the customer experience, we’ll be announcing further enhancements to our 24/7 online services, so watch this space,” Ms Irving said.

Customers wanting to submit self-meter reads can register for the service at

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