Ergon warns to look out for Christmas lights safety risks

Published: 30 Jan 2020 3:11pm

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With plenty of Christmas lights and other powered decorations already making their way into stores and online, Ergon Energy is urging people to be careful what they’re buying doesn’t end up being an electrical or fire hazard.

Last year Ergon was made aware of Christmas lights being sold with deadly exposed 240 volt wires and there’s a chance similar faulty decorations could still be on the market – particularly online.

Ergon’s Safety Advisor Kevin Hore said anyone looking for new electrical Christmas decorations in the coming weeks should take a few precautions before handing over their cash.

“Any Christmas decoration you plug into the wall is ultimately still an electrical appliance and just like buying a toaster or kettle you want to be sure what you’re purchasing doesn’t put you or your family at risk,” he said.

“When shopping in store or online for Christmas lights, you want to be sure you’re purchasing them from a reputable seller and they comply with Australian Safety Standards.

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“Once you’re satisfied your new decorations and lights are quality products, before you plug them in check them for any obvious faults or frayed cords because they could have been damaged during shipping.

“It’s also important to check the condition of any lights that have been in storage because they will deteriorate over time and rodents can do damage if they’re stored in the shed or garage.”

Even with brand new lights, it’s a case of buyer beware.

“Buying cheap Christmas lights and other powered decorations may seem like an attractive proposition now but the serious safety risks faulty or low-quality items can pose may far outweigh the savings later on.”

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