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Have you got a silent killer in your home?

Published: 11 Dec 2018 9:24am

Have you ever felt an electrical shock or tingle when touching a tap or other metal fitting in your home?

While some people have experienced it, most don’t know that shocks and tingles such as these could be part of an underlying and dangerous electrical issue.

According to one of Ergon Energy’s Health and Safety Managers, Chris Rose, no matter how minor the electrical shock or tingle, they can quickly turn into a life-threatening problem and they should be reported.

“Often these kinds of shocks and tingles are an indication of underlying electrical problems. It’s important that people report them because these sorts of faults can potentially become serious safety threats in a home or property,” he said.

“Generally, the problem is caused by electrical earthing issues. So, to ensure your family’s safety, keep away from taps or metal fittings if you experience even the slightest tingle from them, and phone Ergon on 13 16 70.”

Mr Rose said Ergon would investigate and diagnose the cause of the shock or tingles free of charge.

“If the cause of the issue is found to be an Ergon asset issue (electrical components on the utility’s side of the customers connection), it will be rectified at no cost,” he said.

“However, if the issue is found to be on the customer’s side within a property, Ergon will make the customer’s premise electrically safe and the owner will need to engage the services of a licensed electrical contractor to carry out the repairs.”

More information about electrical safety can be found at www.ergon.com.au

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