Get a warm and fuzzy feeling saving lives this winter

Published: 14 Jul 2022 9:18am

Ergon Energy Network and Energex have dozens of bloody legends who are teaming up with Australian Red Cross Lifeblood to help their communities this winter with donations of plasma and whole blood.

“The Ergon Energy and Energex Lifeblood Team is incredibly generous,” Red Cross Lifeblood ‘s Rosie Barton said.

“They’ve already helped to make 570 donations and saved 1,710 lives, and we’re only halfway through the year.”

“It’s another amazing year for them and their efforts as part of Energy Queensland have won the Energy Charter Challenge ahead of some of Australia’s other larger electricity companies.”

Energy Queensland topped the Energy Charter Challenge with 286 donations – more than 100 donations ahead of second placed New South Wales’ Essential Energy and 150 more than third placed Ausgrid.

“It’s a really special feeling knowing you’ve saved lives with such a simple act,” Energy Queensland’s Executive General Manager Customer Michael Dart said.

“Ergon and Energex are the largest part of Energy Queensland, but I know there are donors right across our businesses who get the same warm feeling knowing they’re helping others.”

“Winter is a time when Lifeblood need support the most, because so many people are unable to donate because of colds, flu and COVID.”

“I really encourage anyone who’s interested in learning more about donating blood or plasma to go to the Red Cross Lifeblood website and, if they’re willing and able, book a time. They’ll be making a real difference to someone’s life.”

Rosie said Lifeblood were grateful for the support from all donors from across the Ergon and Energex community.

“It’s a great achievement and backs up their win for the Highest Number of Donations - Government in the Queensland Lifeblood Awards last year,” she said.

“As an escalating cold and flu season hits, we’ve seen an increase in the number of appointments being cancelled.”

“It’s difficult to put a precise number on this because many people cancel and reschedule their appointments online or via the app, without giving a reason, but for those donors who do contact us to change an appointment, 21.9% are due to cold and flu – the highest rate we’ve seen since 2019.”

“We urgently need people to donate blood because whole blood supplies nationally are also under pressure, particularly O negative.”

“People with the O negative blood type are being urged to make an appointment as soon as possible, or simply walk-in to any donor centre”

“If you’re feeling healthy and well, we’d love to see you soon.”

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