Ergon’s new oil handling facility - safer, cleaner, more efficient

Published: 10 Nov 2020 9:18am

Ergon Energy has a new state of the art facility at its Glenmore Road Depot in Rockhampton to meet strict environmental requirements for handling industrial oils used in equipment in substations and transformers across Central Queensland.

Regional Substations Manager Brad Elliott said the 58,000 litre capacity tanks replace a 30-year-old facility at Richardson Road that doesn’t meet current environmental and health and safety regulations.

“This transformer workshop and oil handling facility provides Ergon Energy with greater capacity to store new oil used in high voltage equipment,” Brad said.

“More than 65 transformers collected from depots across Central Queensland each month will also be brought into the new Glenmore Road facility to change out old oil.”

“The new handling facility also caters for the disposal of older transformer oils with specialised oil storage containers and a concrete bund, to capture and contain transformer oil for the appropriate recycling or disposal.” The project was started in January this year and has taken eight months to complete with 90% of the 244 workers sourced from local contractors in Rockhampton.

The development of a new facility at the Glenmore Road Depot allows Ergon Energy to bring Substation teams together to work from a single location.

“These teams are currently split between Richardson Road and Glenmore Road,” Brad said.

“Consolidating these teams at a single location will help to reduce  costs and will improve operational efficiencies for our crews.”

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