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Ergon urges customers reliant on medical equipment to be prepared for summer

Published: 8 Nov 2018 8:56am

Ergon Energy is urging customers who rely on advanced medical equipment to have a plan in place for unexpected power outages, especially during storm season.

This includes ensuring their electricity retailer has up-to-date customer contact details.

Manager Customer Operations Cloe Kernick said at this time of year everyone should be prepared for the disruptions storms can cause, particularly anyone whose health is reliant on electricity supply.

“Summer is notorious for severe weather and while we have a very robust power network in Queensland, lightning, high winds and flooding can interrupt the electricity supply.

“Severe tropical cyclones have the potential to take out community infrastructure for many days.

“That’s why it is ideal for anyone in need of powered health equipment to have a comprehensive plan in place to enable them to get through the period without electricity or have enough time to seek medical assistance,” she said.

Ms Kernick said customers should register medical requirements with their electricity retailer or call Ergon Energy Network on 13 74 66 to ensure they can be contacted before any planned interruptions.

Customers can find more information on how to prepare for power interruptions by searching for ‘life support’ at www.ergon.com.au.

Media Contact: Emma Oliveri
Phone: 0457 566 079