Don’t risk dying to DIY – leave electrical work to the professionals

Published: 1 Apr 2021 10:26am

While the Easter holidays can present great opportunities for home DIY jobs, they can also offer up some serious risks.

Ergon Energy is warning people not to risk their lives by attempting home electrical work.

Ergon’s Community Safety Manager, Aaron Smith said while the holidays are the perfect time to get stuck into work around your home, electrical work is definitely something that carries serious safety and legal consequences.

“It might be tempting to have a go at a small electrical job, but it’s absolutely not worth risking your life or any family member’s life by doing it yourself.

“Not only is it dangerous, it’s also illegal. So, no matter how small the job, it’s essential to use a licenced electrical contractor,” Mr Smith said.

Other home DIY work can also carry hidden electrical risks - which need careful attention.

“Always check for concealed electrical cables before drilling into walls, floors and ceilings. Be particularly careful when drilling around power points and light switches.

“It’s also a wise move to regularly check that appliances and fittings are safe.

“If you notice any damaged power points or light switches, make sure a licenced electrician is arranged to replace them. The same applies for any frayed, damaged or perished electrical cords,” Mr Smith added.

If you experience tingles or shocks from an electrical appliance or water taps, call Ergon immediately on 13 16 70, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also call your licensed electrical contractor to check your wiring immediately.

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