Don't pay for power you're not using over Easter and beyond

Published: 18 Apr 2019 12:59pm

Holidaying over Easter can cost a small fortune, so what’s the point in paying for electricity you’re not using while you’re away from home?

That’s what happens when you drive off and leave electrical equipment such as TVs, microwaves, washing machines and modems with a standby mode left on.

Ergon Energy’s Ben Carberry said the power consumption of every appliance in a home constantly left on standby mode can really add up year round.

“Most people don’t know that around 10 per cent of every power bill, which in some cases can amount to hundreds of dollars a year, can be attributed to appliances sitting there idle in standby mode,” Mr Carberry said.

“And what’s worse, while you’re away on your break the items left turned on at the wall are hitting your hip pocket when you are already dishing out hard-earned cash for your trip.

“So it’s always a good idea to not just switch off before heading off this Easter, but to also consider consistently switching off infrequently used appliances with standby mode at the wall until they are needed.”

Mr Carberry said with the cooler months just around the corner it’s also a good time to switch off appliances generally needed in summer.

“Plenty of Queenslanders love a cold drink during summer and stock up a second fridge with refreshments for the hotter months,” he said.

“It’s worth cleaning out those power hungry second fridges and switching them off until later in the year.

“It’s also a good time to clean the filters on your reverse cycle air conditioners, so they’ll be running more efficiently if you use them to heat your home in winter.”

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