COVID-19: Our response

Published: 18 Mar 2020 2:24pm

With so much concern about the global COVID-19 pandemic, we thought it might help to know what we’re doing to support our fellow Queenslanders.

What are we doing differently?

The wellbeing of our people and customers is paramount. Part of protecting the community means that we’re suspending all disconnections unless requested for safety reasons. As well as limiting potential exposure and spread of the virus, it also eases the stress on households and businesses struggling financially.

We also need to recognise that this is an extraordinary event on a global scale, which means that there may be cases where our approach or response times could be affected.  It could also take longer to get through to us on the phones, or for our crews to get to non-critical jobs.

We want to answer your questions and respond to issues as soon as possible - if it’s not an urgent matter, please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter @ErgonEnergy and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We’ll always prioritise life-threatening emergencies – call 000 or 13 16 70 anytime to report things like fallen powerlines.  Info on faults and outages is also available on our Outage Finder:

What if a local team or site is affected?

Prevention is our first line of defence. As well as following the advice from Queensland Health, we’re minimising exposure risks through ramped-up personal protective hygiene measures, splitting crews, and deploying crews from home rather than depots wherever possible.

In the event that a particular site was affected by COVID-19, we’re very well practiced at bringing in support from other areas. Examples include cyclone responses where teams in impacted communities are personally affected and not in a position to help with the local response – in these cases, workmates from other centres are able to offer the on-the-ground response and support that’s needed.

What’s the plan?

We’re prepared for the potential for how this virus may affect our workforce and communities and Queenslanders can count on us to be there when they need us.  Our people are highly trained, geographically dispersed, and well-accustomed to supporting each other and their communities under difficult circumstances.

We know that a reliable electricity supply is particularly important to our communities during a health emergency. This is why we have robust business continuity plans: as always, we have essential equipment and key personnel based at strategic locations, and we’re working closely with our supply chains. This means we can continue to respond to our customers as quickly as possible.

Our extensive experience with natural disaster responses, along with our deep established relationships with local authorities and emergency services, mean we’re in the strongest possible position to safely support our communities.

We’ll have some staff working from home or from alternative locations to safeguard power supply to our customers, and we’ll continue to do everything possible to keep things business as usual.

Please bear with us – this is a tough time for Queensland and all Australians, and we’re doing all we can to make it easier to get through, together.

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