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Register for the Electrical Partners Portal

Submit your Form A electrical work requests (EWR) via our Electrical Partners Portal. You can also submit Liability Claims and Connect Applications, and accept basic network connection offers on behalf of your customers (if needed), speeding up the process.

What are the features and benefits?

The portal is a quick and easy way to manage your Form As and Connect Applications, and includes many great features including:

  • Register once and your details will auto-fill each time you login
  • Keep track of all your work requests on your home page
  • Sign-up for SMS or Email notifications on your job status, including when it's complete or a Form B is issued
  • When you have similar jobs, it’s easy to copy your past Form As and just change the customer details
  • If your Form A needs a Connect Application, you can create it quickly in the portal. If it’s for a basic connection, you can also accept the connection offer on behalf of your customer
  • Submit a Liability Claim for compensation or payment of your fees due to a power outage
  • Forms can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can also quickly check the progress of your jobs in eStatus.

Overview video

View our Overview Video for a brief summary of the Electrical Partners Portal’s features and benefits.


Welcome to an overview of the Ergon Energy Electrical Partners Portal.

As a registered user of the portal, sign in with your username and password.

The first thing you’re going to notice is the new homepage – that shows important Alert Messages, and a summary of your Form A and Connect work requests – so you can track and find everything you need faster.

You can lodge a new Form A, search for an existing one, view saved and incomplete Form Bs.

You can also lodge a new CONNECT form, search for an existing one and complete a detailed enquiry.

In the My Profile view, you can update your registration details and change your password.

If you have a CEC Accreditation, you can add your CEC number.

You can manage your default Form A notifications by updating the email address, phone numbers to receive the SMS and when you want to receive a notification on a status changes. 

When submitting a Form A you can search for a Premise by entering a NMI, Meter Number, Address or Lot and Plan.

When searching an Address, enter the name and select the street and suburb from the drop down list.

Then click on the search address button, a new screen shows the NMI and detailed address information. Click on the correct address to select and add it to the form.

The form is updated with the NMI, address and meter details.

When completing a Form A you can override your default My Profile notification settings for the Form A you are submitting.

Click on Yes, and you can update the email address, mobile number and add or remove when you are notified of a status change.

To add an attachment to a Form A, you’ll need to save the form first.  Once the form has been saved the Add Attachments button displays. 

Click on the Add Attachments and select the file you want to attach. The file will be virus scan before being added.

When you have submitted a Form A, the confirmation screen will display the Form A reference number.

You can then start a new Form A, copy or print the submitted Form A or return to the home screen.

You can view your saved Form As from the home page by clicking on the number next to the saved status.

All Form As with a Saved status are displayed. You can view, edit, copy or print the selected saved form.

You can perform an advanced search using Form A search. You can search on a reference number, NMI, status and more.

View the Form A you want to print or copy and review the form details. At the bottom of the form you can select to print or copy the form.

When you click on print a printer friendly Form A is displayed.

If your Form A requires a CONNECT contract you can check in there is an existing CONNECT.

If there is an Accepted CONNECT contract you can select it, if not you will need to create a new CONNECT.

When creating a new CONNECT you’ll need to select the service type by answering a few questions.

To add and inverter to your CONNECT, simply type the name of the manufacturer, product name or model number and select the inverter from the drop down list.

Click the Add Inverter button to add it to the CONNECT. You can update the Quantity once it has been added.

We’ve included links to the Electrical Safety Office and Clean Energy Councils websites. And links to our FAQs, tips and tricks, training materials and how to contact us.

To sign out of the portal, click on Sign out located in the top right of the black bar.

Register today!

Sign-up to take advantage of the portal’s many features and benefits. All you need is a current Queensland Licenced Electrical Contractor number or an Accredited Solar Installer number to register.

To help you with sign-up, check out the How to Register User Guide (PDF 1.1 mb).

Already registered? Login to the Electrical Partners Portal

Need help using the portal?

We have developed the following resources to help you submit your Form As and Connect Applications via the portal.

User guides

The Form A User Guide (PDF 2.5 mb) provides step-by-step instructions on submitting these work requests in the portal.

Sometimes your Form As will need a Connect Application linked before you can submit them. Find out more in the Connect Application User Guide (PDF 2.4 mb).

In the event of a power outage, apply for compensation for loss or damage, or even for payment of your fees on behalf of your customers. Learn how in the Liability Claims User Guide (PDF 935.6 kb).

Updating your details is easy with the Updating MyProfile User Guide (PDF 1.5 mb).


Having trouble using the portal? Check out our Help page for advice on common issues and questions.

Contact us

Prefer to talk to someone on the phone? Call us on 13 74 66 (Mon to Fri, 7am - 5:30pm) and select the option for general enquiries.

Form A hard copy version

Online submissions are preferred, however we will still accept the hard copy version of Form A (PDF 182.3 kb). Download, print and send your completed Form A via email to FormA@ergon.com.au, via fax to 07 4932 7301, or via mail to PO Box 308, Rockhampton Qld 4700.

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