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Portal 'how to' videos

Video 1 - An overview of the portal forms for Enquiries, Connects (CX) and Electrical Work Requests (EWR) and when to use them.


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Reference documents

Bulk Meter Conversion Process

These documents provide information on how to submit an application and outline the process and requirements

Frequently asked questions

Our FAQs may help you with an enquiry on the portal.

Am I required to register to use the portal?

Yes, you are required to register yourself in the portal and will receive login details. Check out the Register for the Portal webpage.

I can’t seem to validate my registration details in the email sent from the portal?

The validation email we sent you is only current for 24 hours. If more time has passed, you will need to re-register and look out for the email in your inbox to validate your registration.

What if I don’t receive my confirmation email during the registration process?

This email is essential for completing your registration process and is only valid for 24 hours. So if you don’t receive it, please try again or give us a call on 13 74 66.

What if I can’t log in with my user name and password?

Once you register, your activation email will arrive.  It contains a link that you must click on to activate your registration before you try to log in with your new user name and password. Please don’t attempt to reset your password until you have activated your registration.

What if I’m having login or registration issues?

Check out our user guides and other information on this help page. If this doesn’t help please call us on 13 74 66.

Will I need to continue downloading a hardcopy PDF Electrical Work Request (EWR)?

No. The portal will automatically have the latest version of the EWR.  You would only download a PDF form if you are using fax, email or post to lodge your EWR.

Do all my jobs require a connect application?

Not all jobs require a connect application. You can find out which jobs need a connect application in Which EWR Needs a Connect Agreement (PDF 145.3 kb).

I have completed my EWR in the portal but it won’t submit without a Connect Application. What do I do?

You can just save your EWR for now. Before you can submit it, you will need to ensure a Connect Application and accepted offer is in place for the premises. This can be created by you in the portal (see the Connect Application user guide above), or the customer can contact us on 13 74 66 to complete the application and accept our offer. If it is a Solar Connection, you may need to contact us to determine if the customer has accepted the offer or you can follow up with the customer yourself.

What address details are required?

As much information that can be provided including a Lot, Plan (including RP or SP), street number, street name, suburb and if available pole/pillar number.  This will assist in fast tracking your Connect Application.

What if I don’t know the NMI for an existing premises?

You can search for the address in the Lookup table and select the NMI if relevant. Otherwise, you can enter the address manually, ensuring you include as much information as possible.

Can I edit a submitted EWR in the portal?

No.  You can only edit ‘saved’ EWRs, not ‘submitted’ EWRs in the portal. If you need to edit or cancel a submitted EWR, please call the Contractors Hotline on 1800 237 466.

Can I delete a saved EWR or connect application?

You can now delete a connect application and we are working on the ability to delete an EWR.

How do I receive job notifications?

Check your notification settings on your MyProfile page and click on the ‘yes’ box to activate this feature.

How can I check on the progress of my jobs?

Its quick and easy to check the progress of your jobs using our estatus online tool. You just need the job reference number from the portal. Of course, you can also login to the portal to check the progress of your jobs.

What is estatus?

estatus is our online tool to help you quickly check the progress of your jobs. You just need the job reference number from the portal.

Why is my job delayed?

It could be for a number of reasons. Your connect application may require further evaluation or the information on the application may be incomplete. If it’s incomplete we’ll call you. It’s important to enter correct and complete information on your application so it progresses quickly. If your job is urgent, please give us a call on 13 74 66 to find out where it’s at.

How do I lodge my claims ?

You will need to lodge your claims online through the portal. You can attach up to 20 invoices to one claim form.

How will I lodge my claim if I do not have access to the portal?

You will still be able to email your invoice for payment. See our Claims webpage.

When would I raise a Detailed Enquiry form?

The detailed enquiry form is used as an alternate to calling Electrical Contractors Hotline.

If I am connecting up a set of units, can I complete only one Connect Application?

No, a Connect Application is required for every unit and each one will have its own NMI created.

Can I copy a Connect Application in the portal?

Yes, you can copy a previously submitted Connect Application in the portal. Further information on how can be found in the Connect Application User Guide (PDF 3.6 mb).

Will a Form 3 (defect notification) continue to be left at the premises?

Yes.  You will be notified by email or SMS if you are registered in the portal for notifications. You can then login to the portal to see the Form 3. Please refer to the How to Register User Guide (PDF 832.0 kb) to set-up SMS or email notifications.

As an Electrical Contractor, how do I ensure that I don’t get charged for something the customer should pay for?

Ensure that you tick the check box ‘the customer will be responsible for any related charges’ or ‘the applicant will be responsible for any related charges’ on your Connect Application.

For negotiated price work, what happens if the Customer and Electrical Contractor cannot agree on a price?

The work will be unable to be carried out without a Connect Application and accepted offer.  The Retailer will negotiate any upfront metering charges with the customer.

For detailed enquiries, how does the portal identify the individual contractor enquiry where multiple contractors (ABN holders) are subcontracted to carry out work for a main contractor?

When you login to submit a detailed enquiry, the portal will recognise and use your login details in the enquiry.

Can I use the portal if I'm a builder or developer?

Yes. Simply call 13 74 66 and request a general group to be set up in the portal. Once the group has been created, you will receive an automated email containing your authorisation code.  It’s then just a matter of following the usual registration process. Once you have signed in, you can use your authorisation code to create your new group – even if it is just you in the group.

What does a group manager do?

When you create your group, you are allocated group manager status. You are then responsible for approving or declining any pending requests to join your group. A group code will be allocated to you as the group manager (eg ERG1124) and this code is required for others to join the group.

What are the benefits of being a group manager?

The group manager has the ability to view all the jobs submitted by all members of their group.  As well, all members of the group can be allocated group manager status if you would like them to see where all the jobs are in the process.

Can others join my group?

Yes. If you’d like others in your company or your admin staff to join, it’s simple. They will need to follow the usual registration and sign in process. At the subscription stage, they can request to join your group and you can simply approve their subscription.

Where can I go for more information on the portal?

Our website has lots of information available – check out our Registration webpage and our user guides (see above) are a step-by-step reference on how to use the portal.

User Agreement

Read more about the Portal's terms of use.

Queries and feedback

Do you have a question or feedback on the portal? Call us on 13 74 66 and select the option for general enquiries. Or you can email us at networkenquiries@ergon.com.au.