Connection standard

On 18 December 2020 a new version of AS/NZS 4777.2 was released. AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 comes into effect 12 months from the release, on 18 December 2021. For more information about this change, please see our FAQs document (PDF 743.9 kb).

Connection Standard

For information on the technical design and connection requirements for Small Inverter Energy System (IES), please refer to our STNW1170 Standard for Small IES Connections (PDF 1.2 mb). This standard is updated regularly and we encourage those involved in the connection of small IES to review the standard to understand the latest obligations and opportunities.

Customers wanting a negotiated contract for sizes up to 30 kVA should design their connections for the technical requirements in STNW1174 Standard for LV EG Connections (PDF 1.4 mb) or STNW1175 Standard for HV EG Connections (PDF 1.1 mb).

We also recently released STNW3510 Dynamic Standard for Small IES Connections (PDF 1.3 mb). Dynamic connections will be a new connection option soon in Queensland. For more information about these new dynamic connections please read our dynamic FAQs (PDF 678.0 kb)

Supporting documents

Below are the Connection Standard supporting documents and a short explanation.

Customer information sheet

The customer information sheet tells customers:

  • How to apply to connect a small IES and associated obligations
  • About the Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme, non-export systems and reactive power control
  • About the difference between kVA and kW
  • When and why an electrical installation may need to be upgraded to support a small IES.

We encourage all prospective small IES owners to read this document and encourage PV sales consultants to either give customers a link to the document or a hard copy.

Download the Customer Information - Thinking about solar PV? (PDF 277.4 kb)

Application for network connection of a small IES

We encourage you to apply online via our Electrical Partners Portal for network connection of a small IES.

If you'd prefer to make a hard copy application, download the Application for Network Connection of a Micro EG Unit Form (PDF 543.3 kb).

Annual Reports
Documents Published
STNW1170 Ver 8 - Standard for Small IES Connections (PDF File, 1.2 MB) 20 Dec 2021
Customer Information - Thinking about solar PV? (PDF File, 277.4 KB) 1 Jul 2014
Application for Network Connection of a Micro E G Unit Form (PDF File, 543.3 KB) 1 Jul 2021

Have any queries?

For any queries about the new Connection Standard or small IES technology-specific queries, please email

For all other small IES inquiries related to connections, assessments or applications, please contact our Solar Team on 1300 553 924.