Electrical contractor forums

We host a series of Electrical Contractor Forums for residential electrical contractors across regional Queensland.

Upcoming forums

Details for the next round of forums will be updated on this webpage, and also emailed in our RELAY newsletter (you can subscribe below).

About our electrical contractor forums

Our forums aim to build awareness and understanding about:

  • compliance with legalities and business procedures
  • demand management initiatives
  • tariff prices and structure
  • connection issues
  • emerging technologies
  • Queensland's energy future.

Sessions are held across major Queensland towns and regional centres where possible, with Ergon Energy representatives from each region attending to answer queries local to the area.

Feedback from over a thousand electrical contractors who have attended past sesssions is reviewed to help determine the topics to cover in future forums.

If you would like to provide feedback about these forums or another topic, email us at electricalcontractors@ergon.com.au.

Past forum presentations

Documents Published
Forum Presentation June 2016 (PDF File, 893.6 KB) 20 Jul 2016
RECESS Presentation June 2015 - with speakers notes (PDF File, 4.6 MB) 1 Jun 2015
RECESS Presentation November 2014 - with speakers notes (PDF File, 3.0 MB) 2 Dec 2014
RECESS Presentation November 2014 (PDF File, 1.8 MB) 13 Nov 2014
RECESS Presentation June 2014 (PDF File, 4.7 MB) 6 Jun 2014
RECESS Presentation June 2013 (PDF File, 5.6 MB) 3 Sep 2013
RECESS Presentation October 2012 (PDF File, 9.9 MB) 5 Oct 2012
RECESS Presentation May 2012 (PDF File, 2.4 MB) 11 May 2012

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