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Price List for Alternative Control Services

The latest prices and product codes for Alternative Control Services (ACS) that apply in our electricity distribution area are shown in our 2019-20 Network Tariff Tables (XLSX 644.2 kb). A statement outlining the ACS tariff classes and related tariffs is included in our 2019-20 Price List for Alternative Control Services (PDF 606.1 kb).

The 2019-20 Price List for ACS and Network Tariff Tables came into effect on 1 July 2019 and expire on 30 June 2020.

ACS are comprised of:

  • Fee based services – one-off 'fixed fee' services that we complete at the request of a customer, retailer or other third party. Examples include temporary connections, de-energisations, re-energisations and supply abolishment
  • Quoted services – 'price on application’ services as the nature and scope are specific to each request. Examples include design and construction of connection assets for major customers, real estate development connections and special meter reads
  • Default metering services - Type 5 and 6 metering maintenance, reading and data services where we are the nominated provider.

Previous price lists

The previous 2018-19 Price List for Alternative Control Services (PDF 644.6 kb) expired on 30 June 2019.