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These documents outline our safe systems of work when disturbing or removing asbestos from our facilities or electricity network.

They are for the use of Contractors, Sub-Contractors, and others working on our assets.

If you have any queries about this information, please email us at asbestos@ergon.com.au.

Alert service

If you subscribe to our Alert Service and select 'Asbestos', we will advise you by email when the documents below have been updated.

Working with asbestos

To view or download a document, select the link.

Documents Published
ES000901R190 - Asbestos Removal Control Plan for the Removal of High Rupture Capacity Fuses that may contain Friable Asbestos (PDF File, 266.7 KB)

This plan identifies the measures that must be in place during HRC fuse removal to minimise risk and ensure removal is carried out safely.

3 Nov 2016
ES000901F111 - Asbestos Permit to Work (PDF File, 29.3 KB)

This form is to be completed when any removal or work is likely to disturb asbestos in our facilities.

3 Aug 2016
ES000901F112 - Asbestos Clearance Certificate (PDF File, 27.3 KB)

This document is required after any work that has disturbed asbestos in our facilities.

10 Dec 2015
ES000901F122 - Notice that Asbestos Removal is to be Carried out at the Workplace (PDF File, 16.8 KB)

This notice is for neighbours and businesses in the vacinity of licensed asbestos removal work on our facilities.

10 Dec 2015
ES000901F119 - Notification of Contractor Asbestos Related Work or Asbestos Removal Work (PDF File, 48.2 KB)

For completion by the person responsible for asbestos related work or asbestos removal work in our facilities.

10 Dec 2015
ES000901R101 - Asbestos Management Plan (PDF File, 348.4 KB)

This plan details our approach to managing the asbestos containing material identified at our workplaces. It documents procedures and processes that minimise the risk of exposure to asbestos containing material.

10 Dec 2015
ES000901R139 - Asbestos Permit to Work Quick Reference Guide (PDF File, 52.2 KB)

This quick reference guide will assist contractors, sub-contractors and employees on the use of the Permit to Work form.

3 Nov 2016
ES000801R186 - Asbestos Related Work or Removal Management Guide - For Network (PDF File, 222.4 KB)

This guide provides contractors and sub-contractors with the minimum requirements when disturbing or removing asbestos containing material from our network.

10 Dec 2015
ES000901R150 - Asbestos Related Work or Removal Reference Guide - For Facilities (PDF File, 2.4 MB)

This guide provides contractors and sub-contractors with minimum requirements when disturbing or removing asbestos containing material from our facilities.

3 Nov 2016
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