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Contestable metering

We are an Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) accredited metering provider for Type 1-6 meters. We offer a comprehensive range of non-intrusive contestable, franchise and full retail contestable metering management services.

We install, read, test and audit all types of meters - from the largest to the smallest - and work with a wide range of businesses, from the largest aluminium smelters to the smallest businesses.

Our services include:

  • Design installation and analysis
  • Load surveys - time of use, load profile, power factor recordings, power supply disturbance recordings, harmonic and voltage recordings
  • Energy meter testing and servicing including acceptance testing, CT and whole current metering installation and refurbishment
  • Energy meter audits - CT ratio, wiring, voltage/current relation, pulsing values, multiplier confirmations, function checks, auxiliary equipment, equipment details
  • In situ energy meter tests on class 0.2% kWh and 0.5% kVAh current injection/phantom load as well as CT/VT operated and whole current metering
  • Verification testing
  • Fault finding
  • Calibration and accuracy testing
  • Electronic meter programming.

Meter Data Agent

We are an accredited Meter Data Agent (MDA) for metering Types 1-4 and Meter Data Provider (MDP) for Types 5-7.

We provide data to regulated and un-regulated (contestable) customers. The data we provide is governed by the National Electricity Rules and AEMO Service Level requirements.

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