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Manuals & fact sheets

Read the Major Customer Connection Manual and our range of fact sheets for information about different aspects of major business electricity connections.

Major customer connection manual

Our Major Customer Connection Manual (PDF 1.1 mb) is a useful reference when applying for a major business connection, and can help when negotiating and entering into agreements with us for a new or modified major business connection.

We also have a range of fact sheets, listed below, which provide information about different aspects of major connections.

Please note that the manual and fact sheets may be updated from time to time.

Do you have a specific question about your major connection? If so, please contact our Major Customer Connections Group at majorconnections@ergon.com.au, or speak to our representative on (07) 3664 8438.

Fact sheets

Documents Published
Economic Regulation and Classification of Services (PDF File, 300.3 KB) 17 Feb 2014
Equipment Information (PDF File, 244.2 KB) 17 Feb 2014
Management of Disputes (PDF File, 317.4 KB) 17 Feb 2014
Metering Installation Design (PDF File, 285.9 KB) 17 Feb 2014
Operating Protocol (PDF File, 223.7 KB) 17 Feb 2014
Planning Reports and Project Scopes (PDF File, 385.4 KB) 13 Mar 2017
Project Design (PDF File, 280.9 KB) 7 Jan 2015
Security Requirements (PDF File, 356.5 KB) 27 Oct 2015
Tenure Requirements (PDF File, 263.9 KB) 17 Feb 2014
Fact Sheet - Customer Supplied HV Metering Unit Specification 11kV, 22kV & 33kV (PDF File, 414.7 KB) 10 Jun 2016
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