Low voltage generation (solar, batteries, diesel)

What is low voltage (LV) embedded generation?

Generators are devices that produce electricity, for example solar panels. Embedded generating units are those connected to, or ‘embedded within’, and distributed along the electricity distribution network (rather than connected to the high-voltage transmission network).

An “embedded generating system” (EG system) comprises one or more embedded generating units. Typically, EG systems are located at a home or business and are capable of generating electricity for that premises own use.

We classify EG systems by size:

Technologies used in EG systems

EG systems use a variety of technologies to produce electricity. Some systems use inverters, while others are based on rotating machines and don't use inverters. EG systems also vary in size, for example from a typical 1kVA domestic solar PV system, to a 50MVA solar or wind farm. Examples of the technologies include:

  • Solar photovoltaic (PV) cells (solar panels)
  • Solar thermal
  • Bagasse (the fibrous material left over from crushed sugar cane)
  • Wind turbines
  • Hydro
  • Biogas
  • Landfill generation
  • Standby diesel generation.

Technical configuration of EG systems

EG systems may be configured as follows (and may include storage such as batteries):

  • Non-export - do not export electricity back into our distribution network
  • Partial export - do export electricity back into our distribution network, but not to the full rated capacity of the EG system
  • Full export - can export up to the full rated capacity of the EG system back into our distribution network
  • Dynamic standard – we will be introducing our first dynamic standard for up to 1.5MVA EG systems. This will see the development of an integrated distributed energy network that will allow greater diversity in export capabilities and encourage active participation in the electricity system. A dynamic network will allow future expansion and growth for our customers and network.

Connection contracts

You will need a Connection Contract to connect your EG system to our distribution network, in accordance with the National Electricity Rules. This contract sets out the connection process and requirements, as well as governing the ongoing connection of your EG system to our distribution network (in addition to the Deemed Standard Connection Contract (PDF 316.0 kb) or a negotiated connection contract (where applicable)).

Please see either Under 30kVA LV Generation or Over 30kVA LV Generation for further information on these Connection Contracts.

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