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Connection services charges

What we charge for customer connection services is controlled by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER)1.

Customer connection services include services such as new connections, changes to an existing connection, and the ongoing connection and supply of electricity across a connection point.

The AER has classified our regulated distribution services (which include customer connection services) into Standard Control Services and Alternative Control Services.

Standard control services

Standard Control Services (SCS) are core distribution services associated with the access and supply of electricity to customers.  They include:

  • Network services (e.g. construction, maintenance and repair of the network)
  • Some connection services (e.g. small customer connections)
  • Type 7 metering services.

We recover our costs in providing SCS through network tariffs billed to electricity retailers.

Alternative control services

Alternative Control Services (ACS) are comprised of:

  • Fee based services - regulated distribution activities which are priced on a 'fixed fee' basis, as the costs of providing the service can be assessed in advance (e.g. de‑energisations, re‑energisations, and supply abolishment etc.)
  • Quoted services - services that are 'priced on application', as the nature and scope are variable and the costs are specific to the individual retailer's or customer's needs (e.g. design and construction of connections for major customers, real estate development connections, special meter reads etc.)
  • Default metering services - relate to the provision, installation, maintenance, reading and data services of basic electricity meters (Type 5 and 6) for small to medium business and residential customers
  • Public lighting services - the provision, construction and maintenance of public lighting assets owned by us, and emerging public lighting technology. We also charge a one-off exit fee, which is payable when a public light is scrapped before the end of its useful operational life.

For more information on our fees and charges as approved by the AER, please refer to our Price List for Alternative Control Services and Table 3 of our Connection Policy (PDF 580.0 kb).

For more information on our charges for customer connection services, please view our Network tariffs webpage.


  1. We are subject to economic regulation by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) under the National Electricity Law (the NEL) and the National Electricity Rules. Under these laws, the AER is responsible for regulating the revenues that we can earn and the prices that we can charge for customer connection services.